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"Without music, life would be a blank to me." - Jane Austen

George De Decker as... Composer - sound artist George De Decker's compositions include solo works (mostly with soundtrack), as well as works for large symphony orchestras and sound installations. He also composes for film, art documentaries, television, fiction, theatre, and dance. He has his own ensemble, "SP!TSBERGEN." with 5 young, passionate musicians.
George De Decker as... Visual artist Already from a very young age, George De Decker visited many museums and exhibits. The artists in question were his "real" mentors.bAs a composer, he created music for art documentaries by, a. o. Jef Cornelis and Stefaan Decostere.
Sound and visuals always impact each other in George De Decker's oeuvre. He paints monumental canvases in an abstract pictorial language, with a restrained colorite. The compositions consist of characteristic, broad keys: a robust and powerful signature. He creates sequences of compositions, rhythmic abstractions on canvas that constitute scenic impressions or pure abstractions. These are works of immense expressiveness.
George De Decker also conceives video and audio projects, through which he can simultaneously make his statement as a visual and as a sound artist, such as: Lorca 1937, Ørnen 1897, Die Bezwingung des Chaos...

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