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"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

Italian saxophonist and composer Carla Marciano is considered by specialized critics among the best talents of European jazz. and one of  today''s strongest female saxophonists.
Graduated in clarinet from the Conservatory of her hometown, Salerno, she is an alto saxophone specialist, appreciated for her great passion and energy, her strong expressiveness, her advanced tecnique as well as her distinctive performative and compositional streak. She is also one of the leading experts of the rarely used and hard to master sopranino saxophone.
As a leader of her stable quartet, made up of some of the best musicians on the Italian scene, namely Alessandro La Corte, Aldo Vigorito and Gaetano Fasano, she has four CDs under her belt, three of which were produced by the historic label Black Saint (whose catalog, highly appreciated in America, saw Marciano among the few Italian musicians to make the short list). This fifth CD, "Psychosis", marks her debut with the prestigious Challenge Records. Together with her quartet, Marciano has presented her projects at major national and international jazz festivals and clubs.

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Psychosis - Homage to Bernard Herrmann
Carla Marciano Quartet


Carla Marciano Quartet "Psychosis - Homage to Bernard Herrmann"