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"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche


“Compulsion” was founded in 2013 in the “culture and music city” of Basel. The musical background of the five musicians is rich in contrasts, yet they are united in a common passion: modern mainstream jazz.
Each artist brings his own perspective and personal experience to the band, their different horizons translating into original music with a common thread. Five musicians bringing different cultures and approaches together to create something new – the core principle that has always been The Essence of Jazz.
The members of “Compulsion” have known each other for some time. Violinist Adam Taubitz, trumpet player Marc Ullrich, pianist Simone Bollini, double bassist Dominik Schürmann and drummer Christoph Mohler had often played together in different formations previously. Then the idea came up to create a quintet dedicated to their favorite music: Modern Jazz Standards from Woody Shaw, John Coltrane, Cedar Walton as well as (and above all!), their own original compositions.
“Compulsion” now presents their second album “Nothing is as it Seems”, a skillfully produced work characterized by a very natural modernity and unmistakable references to the pathfinding jazz giants of the 60s.
One might be inclined to call “Compulsion” a classic BeBop quintet. However, the combination of violin and trumpet (replacing the traditional tenor sax and trumpet) opens up completely new possibilities in the front line, creating a rarely heard and refreshingly original sound texture.
The arrangements are characterized by their simplicity and transparency. Intelligently orchestrated, energetically interpreted and undeniably swinging: this is the unmistakable sound of “Compulsion”.
Even after repeat listenings new tasty details continue to reveal themselves.
Particularly, Jazz violinist Adam Taubitz sets new improvisational standards for his instrument, which otherwise is almost totally absent in modern jazz. In doing so, he fills a stylistic gap, which will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention. Particularly noteworthy is the exceptionally high recording quality of “Nothing is as it Seems”. An absolute joy for the ears! Thomas Dobler

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Nothing is as it Seems