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"Music: Breath of the statues. Perhaps: Silence of images. Your language where languages end" - Rainer Maria Rilke

Dominik Schürmann is the son of Swiss jazz pianist Niggi Schürmann. His contact with music and particularly with jazz started at a very young age. He started piano lessons at the age of six before changing to the bass. He quickly became a fixture in the Swiss jazz scene and now works regularly with internationally renowned musicians.

He has worked with musicians like Hendrik Meurkens, Luis Diego Bonilla, Jorge Rossy, Karl Ratzer, George Gruntz, Isla Eckinger, Oscar Klein, Vince Benedetti, Domenic Landolf, David Klein, Adrian Mears, Adam Taubitz, Titi Winterstein, Kurt Weil, Jim Galloway, John Serry, Bonnie Jeanne Taylor, Miguel de la Cerna, Othella Dallas, Andreas Herrmann, Markus Hauser, Mario Schneeberger, Sam Burckhardt and many more.

He has performed in numerous jazz clubs and festivals in Switzerland and abroad. He has been a member of Thomas Moeckel‘s «Centrio» since 1998. Countless music projects have been the product of this longterm musical friendship with the well known Swiss all- round musician Thomas Moeckel.

Several of his own projects followed these collaborations, such as the coproductions with Schweizer Radio SRF2 Kultur «Dahaana», «Nothing is as it Seems» (both albums recorded with the Hardbop band «Compulsion») and «Sambâle», recorded with the Piano Trio Gutfleisch-Schürmann-Frey, which was founded in 2017. His album «Upswing» became one of the most successful Swiss CD releases on international download platforms in 2016.

Dominik Schürmann’s work is marked by musical passion, sensibility, harmony, and perfect timing gained by years of experience. He is very much in demand as a sideman or as a bandleader. Whether in jazz, blues or Latin American music, he always leaves his mark with compassion, enthusiasm and eloquence. He has also participated in theatre and musical productions and has appeared on TV and radio shows. As a bass player, Dominik Schürmann, participated in over 50 CD productions.

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