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Gianmarco Scaglia

Gianmarco Scaglia was born in Caorso (PC) in June 22th 1957. He is a double bass player and composer.

He started to play electric bass at the age of 15, after had seen Ron Gallagher great concert at Astra Cinema, and after thought that the bass had a minor number of chords than the guitar and it means that he didn’t have to work hard. The history teached him that he was wrong.

Thereafter he started to play double bass at Parma Lorenzo Cuneo Jazz School, one of the first jazzy school in Italy. He continued to study attending much workshop with Bruno Tommaso and Furio Di Castri.

In 1986 he attended Boston Berklee College of Music studying with John Repucci.

He attended some instrumental workshop with some of the most important double bass players of the world (D. Holland, M. Vitous).

He founded Open Frontiers Trio with Raimondo Meli Lupi. In 1994 he founded a trio with his name, with Claudio Fasoli (saxophonist) and Ettore Fioravanti (drummer) working on own composition and realizing his first CD Moods with MM Records label (MM43024).

Since 1984 he had worked with some important Italian and American musicians: Joe Diorio, Skip Hadden, Paul Wertico, John Helliwell, Danilo Rea, Paolo Fresu, Franco Cerri, Max De Aloe, Marco Tamburini, Massimo Manzi, Claudio Fasoli, Ettore Fioravanti, Giulio Stracciati, Daniele Malvisi, Mauro Beggio, Ada Montellanico, Stefania Rava, Piero Odorici, Nico Gori, Andrea Marcelli, Fabrizio Bosso and someone else. He played also with: Orchestra Nazionale di Sofia, Jazz Art Orchestra, Arturo Toscanini Orchestra Ritmica.

He is active with 20 recording, of which 5 at his name. In 2003 his cds “Blue in Green” and “Jazz City” have been reviewed by an important magazine “Double Bassist”. In January 2011 Gianmarco recorded Body and Soul playing with Joe Diorio and Ettore Fioravanti.

Actually he is playing with Daniele Malvisi for Carla Bley project and Fabrizio Mocata on Puccini Moods project.

Gianmarco says: “I am not a freelance, I love carry on project which feel like mine.

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The Bari Session
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