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"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley

Bragernes kirkes ungdomskor

The Bragernes Church Youth Choir is part of Bragernes Church’s large choral programme that also includes Minores, the Aspirant Choir, the Girls Choir, the Boys Choir, Kantori and the Soloist Ensemble.
  The Youth Choir began in January 2001 and is for equal voices in an age range of 14-22. With a variety of projects in collaboration with dif­ferent artists, we wish to provide musical expe­riences that these young people can take with them in their lives. The availability of singing lessons adds to a stimulating musical environ­ment and valuable musical experience for the girls. Over the years, many former members of the choir have completed degrees at music conservatories.
  The Bragernes Church Youth Choir maintains a high-level activity schedule with regular con­certs and participation in worship services at Bragernes Church, as well as in Oslo and the surrounding area. Venues for larger concerts abroad have included Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City and St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.
  The choir has participated in a number of staged productions, including Antonio Viv­aldi’s “Gloria” and the church play “En krans av gull” (“A Wreath of Gold”) by Odd Johan Over­øye, both performances in the context of the Oslo International Church Music Festival. The choir was also a part of Drammen Theatre’s production of “Carmen”, and it has had its own stagings of “The Sound of Music”.
  The Bragernes Church Youth Choir has collab­orated with the Telemark Chamber Orchestra and its artistic director, Per Kristian Skalstad, and has participated in performances of J.S. Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio”, G. Fr. Handel’s “Messiah”, J. Haydn’s “The Creation, in addition to a Christmas concert with “Trio Vario” and the concert “Piken med svovelstikkene” (“The Little Match Girl”).
  In 2007 the youth choir recorded “Brum­baskøn”, produced by LAWO Classics. The choir also recorded “En krans av gull” (“A Wreath of Gold”) with Pro Musica in 2010, a musical story of St. Hallvard with music by Odd Johan Overøye and texts by Eyvind Skeie, and in 2014 a CD of hymns, “No stig vår song” (“Now Our Song Arises”), with Sean Lewis as producer and technician on both recordings.

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Bragernes kirkes ungdomskor