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Fabio Antonio Falcone

Fabio Antonio Falcone is a passionate performer who focuses on Renaissance and early Baroque repertoire. He is especially interested in sixteenth-century Italian keyboard music, as well as vocal and instrumental repertoire of the early Baroque period.
  He performs at international venues and festivals as a soloist and continuo player with several ensembles, including Ensemble Elyma, Stile Galante, Genève Baroque, Ensemble Lucidarium and Ensemble Odissee Orchestra.
​ Together with mandolin player Anna Schivazappa, in 2012 he founded the ensemble Pizzicar Galante, of which he was co-director until 2019. In 2015 he also founded L’Amorosa Caccia, an ensemble with which he has been exploring instrumental and vocal repertoire from the Renaissance with a special focus on Italian frottolas and madrigals. His solo recordings are highly appreciated by international critics and broadcast by the most important European radio broadcast stations (BBC, Radio RAI, Radio France, BR-Klassik, WDR3, RTVE, Radio Classica, CKRL 89,1).
  Apart from his activities as a concert performer, he devotes himself to research in music didactics, in particular to the reconstruction of teaching practices from the didactical analysis of historical sources. He is currently a member of the research group in didactics of the arts (DAM) at the University of Geneva.
​ He studied in the Netherlands with Bob van Asperen, as well as in Italy with Maria Luisa Baldassari and Jesper Bøje Christensen, and in Switzerland with Francis Biggi and Kenneth Weiss.

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