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"Without music, life would be a blank to me." - Jane Austen

The music ensemble SP!TSBERGEN was founded in 2015 by composer George De Decker. De Decker bases his scores for accordion, harp, euphonium and double bass on a previously worked out soundtrack. That is the fifth ‘player’, one who always engages in dialogue with four eminent musicians: an unusual, colourful and exciting cross-pollination. In every concert or recording SP!TSBERGEN focus on the richest possible palette of timbres: the colour of the instruments, the vocal input of the musicians, computer-controlled soundscapes. But electronics are always instrumental. Just like the accordion, harp, euphonium and double bass, they are a brush that can help to paint new landscapes for the ear. Exciting, colourful, exceptional. 

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ØRNEN 1897
George De Decker