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Marion von Tilzer

Marion von TilzerMarco Borggreve

In the year 1797, in a small village hidden high in the Austrian Alps, Virgin Mary appeared with a tear in her eye before an amazed 18-year-old village girl. Nowadays, you will find images of the weeping Mary on every corner in the village of Absam as processions of pilgrims pass through reverentially. The ambiance of Absam made a deep impression on another girl who lived in the same place, but in another time: Marion von Tilzer. Early in life Marion left Absam and grew up in a different part of the world to play the piano and write her own music. However the memory of Absam stayed with her and became part of her. This longing became an imaginative space, a source of musical inspiration, which is reflected in her pieces.Marion travelled far, always looking for this illusive place she could not find. Finally, in India she discovered a road that led back to Absam: a road called Kirvani. The Indian raga Kirvani expresses the eternal feeling of longing and passion, which has been an inspiration for the arts throughout times and different cultures. In India this scale is used in classical Indian music, as well as in Bollywood film music, to describe the yearning for the beloved. For Marion it proved to be the perfect vehicle to express her affinity with Absam - she calls it the Kirvani Feeling. For her, Kirvani is a raga from the Alps. (Sander Hoving: liner notes)


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Secret Key Masters

Secret Key Masters

Michael Gees / Frans Ehlhart / Marion von Tilzer

Michael Gees, Frans Ehlhart, Marion von Tilzer
Kirvani Revisited

Kirvani Revisited

Marion von Tilzer

Marion von Tilzer
01-06-2015 Klassieke Zaken
21-04-2015 Opera Magazine