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Capella de la Torre

Capella de la TorreGeorg Thum

Capella de la Torre is a group of musicians who have made a name for themselves as specialists in historical performance practice. The ensemble's aim is to give listeners an immediate experience of the rich and hitherto neglected repertoire of mediaeval and renaissance music by performing it to a professional standard.

The name "de la Torre" has a double meaning. In the first place, it pays homage to the Spanish composer Francisco de la Torre, who wrote his "Danza Alta" at the beginning of the 16th century. This is probably the most famous piece for what was then known as "capella alta", an ensemble of wind instruments such as shawms,  dulcians, sackbuts and cornetti. Capella de la Torre has specialized in music written for the "capella alta". Secondly, the name may be taken in a literal sense: "de la Torre" means "from the tower" and groups of wind players (Spanish: ministriles) often played on towers or balconies at festivals and other official occasions. "Torres de los Ministriles" are still to be found in many Spanish towns today.
Capella de la Torre does not confine itself to Spanish music, however, but also plays music written throughout the rest of Europe for the "hauts instruments" or "loud instruments". In general, it tries to breathe life into the old traditions of "ministriles", "piffari" and "Stadtpfeiffer".
In the music world of today there are very few ensembles centred around historical  double-reed instruments. This is particularly so in Germany.


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Piffarissimo - Instrumental music at the Council of Constance 1414-1418

Piffarissimo - Instrumental music at the Council of Constance 1414-1418

Capella de la Torre / Katharina Bäuml

Guglielmo Ebreo, Philippe de Vitry, Guillaume Dufay, Dome nic o da Piacenza, Oswald von Wolkenstein, Gilles Binchois, John Bedingham, Antonio Cornazano
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Luther's wedding day

Capella de la Torre

Heinrich Isaac, Ludwig Senfl, Josquin Desprez, Johann Walter, Claudin de Sermisy, Michael Praetorious
Vinum et Musica - Songs & dances from Nuremberg sources (15th & 16th century)

Vinum et Musica - Songs & dances from Nuremberg sources (15th & 16th century)

Capella de la Torre / Dominique Visse

Robert Morton, Arnold von Bruck, Salomone Rossi, Konrad Baumann, Josquin Desprez, Brüder Hess, Guillaume Dufay, Adrian Willaert, Paul Hofhaimer, Ludwig Senfl
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