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Zapp 4

Zapp 4Merlijn Doomernik

Zapp 4 is a band with the line-up of a string quartet. It combines groove, improvisation, and fantasy with passionate solos. On stage the group is a blast: They interact with high speed and have a huge musical spectrum. No matter how wild or mild they get, there is always a poetic side to their music. Another striking item about the quartet is that all four members compose for the band.
The uniqueness of the group and its repertoire makes Zapp 4 very acceptable for a large audience including all sorts of music lovers. Because of this quality Zapp 4 won the Kersjesprijs, a prestigious music prize in the Netherlands, in 2005.
The band continues to look for new adventures so there is much more to expect for the (near) future.
Whoever is present at a Zapp performance will be guaranteed to leave the place with a big smile and freshly washed ears!Volkskrant: Zapp 4 knows the recipe for musical happiness
NRC Handelsblad: Zapp 4, the hardest grooving string quartet of the Netherlands.


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