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Antoine Forqueray

Antoine Forqueray

Antoine Forqueray stems from a family of musicians, comparable to (but less famous than) the Couperins. He was educated as a viola a gamba player at the French court, under the protection of Louis XIV. In 1789 he was appointed as royal chamber musician. As a younger contemporary of Marais, he was one of the most famous gamba players of his time, and he also composed Pièces de viole and harpsichord pieces which betray more Italian (Corelli, Vivaldi) influence than French. Many of the harpsichord pieces were arranged by his son Jean-Baptiste (1699-1782) and only published in 1747. Rumor has it that the son reported his father to the Parisian police because of ‘fraud, visiting whores and gambling’ since he was jealous at him with his greater success in the 1720’s.



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Mélisande McNabney

Jean Henry D'Anglebert, Antoine Forqueray, Jean-Philippe Rameau
Johann Brouwer plays Bach, Böhm, Couperin and Forqueray

Johann Brouwer plays Bach, Böhm, Couperin and Forqueray

Johan Brouwer

Johann Sebastian Bach / François Couperin / Antoine Forqueray / Georg Böhm
Inspired by the Bells

Inspired by the Bells

Saskia Coolen / Arie Abbenes

John Jenkins, Giles Farnaby, Peter Philips, William Byrd, Anonymous, Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk, Pierre Gaultier, François Couperin, Nicolas-Antoine Lebegue, Marin Marais, Antoine Forqueray
Chansons d

Chansons d'amour

Ralph Rousseau

Michel Magne, Louis de Caix d'Hervelois, Jean Ferrat, Marin Marais, Louis Gugliemli, Emile Stern, Hubert Giraud, Michel Legrand, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jacques Brel, Antoine Forqueray, Roland Vincent