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Reyn Ouwehand

Reyn Ouwehand

Reyn Ouwehand’s (born 2 August 1973, Katwijk aan Zee) musical career started at the age of 15 with an assignment from London. He started his own company Prevue Productions at the age of 21. He built his own studio and started working as a producer, studio musician and composer.
He works for: Kane, Ellen ten Damme, Sita, Birgit, Madigan, Silkstone and Wyatt.
Nowadays Reyn is an established producer, versatile multi-instrumentalist and skilled arranger, who has worked with big national and international artists.
Since recently, you can see Reyn as a performer again. He loves to perform solo, bringing a full backline and sample gear and just jam on his own. His performances can be seen online on You Tube. 

In 2011, Reyn opened the doors of his dream studio: a beautiful church near Amsterdam, with sleeping and relaxing facilities. The studio is built completely according to his own wishes, and is filled with his huge collection of obscure keyboards, analogue synthesizers, vintage drum kits, guitars and toy piano’s


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Krossover, opera revisited  [LIMITED EDITION]

Krossover, opera revisited [LIMITED EDITION]

Tania Kross

The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra - Orkest van het Oosten/Jurjen Hempel/Tania Kross/Reyn Ouwehand/Martin Fondse/Odilo Girod/Ruben Hein/Lucky Fonz III/Martijn Konijnenburg/Robert Jan Stips/Martijn van Agt/Huub van der Lubbe/Spinvis/Netherlands Symphony Orchestra
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Krossover - opera revisited

Krossover - opera revisited

Tania Kross

Reyn Ouwehand, Martin Fondse, Odilo Girod, Ruben Hein, Lucky Fonz III, Martijn Konijnenburg, Robert Jan Stips, Martijn van Agt, Huub van der Lubbe, Spinvis
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