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Huub van der Lubbe

Huub van der Lubbe

Huub van der Lubbe has been a major player in the Dutch pop scene for more than 30 years now. Although he’s mostly known as the singer, lyricist and composer of De Dijk (The Dike), he’s also a successful solo artist, actor and poet. His songs and poems, mostly in the Dutch language, are famous for the spot-on imagery in which he succeeds in capturing the spirit of Holland and its inhabitants. Being a self-proclaimed ‘anti-kapitalist’, he wrote the aria Voor Geen Geld (I won’t be bribed), the counterpart of the Jewel Song of Genoud’s Faust.


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Krossover, opera revisited  [LIMITED EDITION]

Krossover, opera revisited [LIMITED EDITION]

Tania Kross

The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra - Orkest van het Oosten/Jurjen Hempel/Tania Kross/Reyn Ouwehand/Martin Fondse/Odilo Girod/Ruben Hein/Lucky Fonz III/Martijn Konijnenburg/Robert Jan Stips/Martijn van Agt/Huub van der Lubbe/Spinvis/Netherlands Symphony Orchestra
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Krossover - opera revisited

Krossover - opera revisited

Tania Kross

Reyn Ouwehand, Martin Fondse, Odilo Girod, Ruben Hein, Lucky Fonz III, Martijn Konijnenburg, Robert Jan Stips, Martijn van Agt, Huub van der Lubbe, Spinvis
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