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Claude Schneider

Claude Schneider

I was born in 1965, that is to say it's been a while! Around 10 years, on Christmas Day, I was shocked with the fairy lights of the Christmas tree. The candles were small electric guitars ... be it from where ...?
I started playing guitar with a jerk at the age of 13. As soon as I put the finger on it I thought "this is it for me"! I broke pumps everyone around me playing all the time, always and constantly, even on the toilet! 
What interested me from the start was to improvise, play solos. I still ended up m enroll at the Conservatory in 81 classical guitar at Dominique Phillot, great jazz connoisseur, who introduced me to what was done at that time and especially two newcomers: John Scofield and Pat Metheny. Again I thought, "this is for me! "In 85 I spend in jazz guitar at Francis Coletta. Francis toured with Michel Berger, it gave me the kick to get away and I enrolled at the Montreux Jazz School! It felt a little scary but it made ​​me smart! I was finally able to put names to these notes I was playing. 

In Montreux, I met many people who mattered to me afterwards (Claude Buri, Thierry Lang, Philip Cornaz, Marcello Giuliani, Jean-Philippe Zwahlen, Michel Weber and others) There. I finished my course of studies and I started! I participated in projects pile, big, small, good, less good, with rather nice people who were very patient with me. I did a lot of concerts, rather in Switzerland and some abroad, tours, recordings. The musician's life, what! For more information go here. I was lucky enough to arrive at a time when there were not millions of jazz guitarists on the square, it allowed me to touch many styles, to mix with very good musicians and me communicate a little in the middle.
Convenience I gave private lessons at home for a few years. Then, with friends, we set up a music school went well and still running. Another stroke of luck, I was able to get as a teacher of jazz guitar at the conservatory in Freiburg where I Sévis yet. I love playing. During gigs, I often find too short sets and long pauses ...


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Live at the bird

Live at the bird's eye

Schneider - Vallet - Schmidlin Organ Trio

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