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Thorn Magnus Reymert

Thorn Magnus Reymert

Thorn Magnus Reymert is a charismatic violinist, concertmaster, teacher, and founder of the orchestra and String institute in Oslo called NOR 59. Thorn Magnus was born in Oslo and started playing violin at age of 5. In the teenage years he created with his friends his own band called Wæx with which he was touring in Norway and other European countries. Later he was playing also with the Improvisation groups called Hybris and LUN. 

After studies he came back to Oslo in 2008 and since 2009 he started to work with the Nordstrandhøgda String Orchestra which had back then 12 members, and he transformed and developed it into the NOR 59 String Institute, which has now more than 130 members and is now one of the most prominent and promising private music institutions and initiatives in Norway.

Thorn Magnus built up his own vision, and he developed an unique system of teaching music and growing as a musician which gives amazing results for the young generation. It’s arts, magic and believe in human resources that ones given a chance, never stops growing. It’s a mixture of his philosophy and experience with the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Lately Thorn Magnus started cooperation between NOR59 Orchestra and The FeelHarmony Orchestra based in Cracow and Vienna, of which he is a concertmaster since 2016. He is touring regularly, giving concerts and recording albums in Norway and abroad.


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Shostakovich & Tchaikovsky

Shostakovich & Tchaikovsky

Thorn Magnus Reymert | NOR59

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Dmitry Shostakovich
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