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Label: Double Moon Records
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Release date: 07 March 2005
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Double Moon Records
Catalogue number
DMCHR 71042
Release date
07 March 2005

About the album

Artist: Matthias Knoop, Achim Schršter, Peter Ehwald, Ben Degen, Martin Schulte, Stefan Schultze, Peter Schwebs, Hermann Heidenreich

"Jazz thing Next Generation Vol. 6" is the continuation of a series that has been created by the renown German Jazz magazine "Jazzthing" and the label Double Moon Records to help young artist doing the first steps of their musical career.

Eight young artists, most of them former members of the "National Youth Jazz Orchestra", compose the band "Oktoposse". After working together for years in diverse big bands, the eight youngsters (24 to 30 years old) are presenting their own compositions, based on Modern Jazz but leaving behind all limitations and crossing all borders. The arrangements as well as the solos are fascinating and groovy in the best sense. Listen and you will be convinced: Jazz is not dead - it just sounds better than ever...




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