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Sturmvogel - Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 22

Max Frankl Quintet

Sturmvogel - Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 22

Price: € 8.95
Format: CD
Label: Double Moon Records
UPC: 0608917106824
Catnr: DMCHR 71068
Release date: 01 April 2008
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€ 8.95
Double Moon Records
Catalogue number
DMCHR 71068
Release date
01 April 2008

About the album

Max Frankl, guitar | Ulrich Wangenheim, tenor soprano-saxophone, bassclarinet | Christian Elsäsaer, piano | Andreas Kurz, bass | Andy Haberl, drums.

The „Jazz thing Next Generation“-series, on which Esther Kaiser, Anette von Eichel, Ignaz Dinné, Benjamin Schäfer, Martin Auer, Oktoposse, Cyminology, Christian Krischkowsky, Nadia Maria Fischer, Gary Fuhrmann, Tré, Coustics, Tobi Hofmann, Frederik Köster, HDV-Trio, Jochen Baldes Subnoder, Subtone , Adrian Reiter Quartet, Christof May and Lorenz Hargassner have debuted on Double Moon Records, is now being continued, already with Volume 22.

Max Frankl already has an impressive resume in the middle of his 20s. Not only his education in Amsterdam, Basel and Lucerne with teachers such as Johannes Enders and Wolfgang Muthspiel and currently with Kurt Rosenwinkel and Frank Möbus tell a lot about him, but also his numerous prizes at „Jugend Jazzt“ (Young People Play Jazz) as well as his performances, among others, with the German Jazz Orchestra. Max Frankl not only developed impressive virtuosity in workshops held by people from Pat Metheny to Maria Schneider and Joe Lovano and in performances with Lee Konitz and the South African Feya Faku, among others, but he has also found his own voice. His compositions are of such a lightheartedness and clarity that they even filled Peter Herbolzheimer with enthusiasm; they have already been arranged for the German Jazz Orchestra. Wolfgang Muthspiel („somebody is starting on a long journey here, and we are permitted to listen,“ he wrote in the liner notes) did not want to miss the chance to produce this album, which is certainly a win for the sound.

The group members, with whom Max Frankl also go on tour, are of the highest quality. Ulrich Wangenheim is known from his playing with Johannes Enders (EndersRoom), Christian Elsässer is one of the most important young pianists in Germany, Andreas Kurz (among other things, bassist in EndersRoom) and Andi Haberl (swung the drumsticks on Doldinger’s Passport and Till Brönner, among others) are big, established names in this country. And his friend and mentor Nils Wogram is always willing to support his young colleague in performances.

Bereits mit Mitte Zwanzig hat Max Frankl eine beeindruckende Vita. Nicht nur seine Ausbildung in Amsterdam, Basel und Luzern bei Lehrern wie Johannes Enders und Wolfgang Muthspiel, aktuell bei Kurt Rosenwinkel und Frank M�bus, spricht B�nde. Bei Workshops von Pat Metheny bis Maria Schneider und Joe Lovano und bei Auftritten mit u.a. Lee Konitz und dem S�dafrikaner Feya Faku hat Max Frankl nicht nur eine beeindruckende Virtuosit�t entwickelt, sondern auch eine eigene Stimme gefunden. Wolfgang Muthspiel lie� es sich nicht nehmen, dieses Album zu produzieren, sicher ein zus�tzlicher Gewinn f�r den Sound.




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