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Johann Sebastian Bach

La Petite Bande

Matthäus-Passion - BWV 244

  • Type SACD
  • Label Challenge Classics
  • UPC 0608917235722
  • Catalog number CC 72357
  • Release date 01 February 2010
Physical (SACD)

Product is no longer available

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About the album

Magnificent and transparent, a recording of the famous masterpiece by J.S. Bach by La Petite Bande and Sigiswald Kuijken. The ensemble has a worldwide reputation of aiming for the most authentic sound possible. Again Kuijken and his group of musicians and vocalists have achieved this the most sublime way!

Sigiswald Kuijken knows the St. Matthew Passion through and through. With La Petite Bande he gave performances of the work all over the world. Twenty years ago La Petite Bande (at that time with conductor Gustav Leonhardt and Kuijken as concertmaster) made their first recording of the Passion. It was a recording with soloists, a chamberchoir and an orchestral composition which was adjusted to that. Since then Kuijken's vision on this masterpiece has changed very much. Ground-breaking musicological work of the last decades has brought him to a serious thin-out of his ensemble without the use of a conductor. There is not a real choir anymore, because the soloists perform also the choirparts. The boyschoir that is usually used in most performances of this Passion is replaced here by a single soprano voice! 

Additionally, by using authentic instruments and the original way of playing them, both in interpretation and sound quality, La Petite Bande strives to revive baroque music as faithfully as possible without lapsing into rigid academics.

Save La Petite Bande!


image An urgent message from Sigiswald Kuijken! The orchestra is about to receive no more subvention and will not be able to exist anymore by January 2013. Sign the petition to save the orchestra!"Please, help us to save our baroque orchestra LA PETITE BANDE by signing this petition! Because of the extremely negative report given by the committee which has to advise the flemish culture Minister Joke Schauvliege, this ...



December 31st 2012 16:45
love this one

Challenge Records International

May 28th 2010 09:59
Dear Josh,
It is DXD/DSD. Hope that answers your question.


May 27th 2010 19:31
What is the recording resolution? E.g. Is this a 96 kHz 24 bit recording? Or 48 kHz 24 bit? Or something else? Thanks


April 3rd 2010 20:31
Vorig jaar was ik bij een uitvoering van La Petite Bande in het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Nog nooit zo'n mooie Mattheüs gehoord als die avond. Was al een jaar opzoek naar een opname en hoop dat deze cd dezelfde is.

Challenge Records International

March 9th 2010 09:31

This Stereo / Multichannel Hybrid SACD can be played on any standard CD player.

Mul Tichannel

March 6th 2010 21:50
Is it correct that this SACD is stereo only and does not contain multichannel sound?


February 9th 2010 23:16
rare diepe ruimte en authenthiciteit betekent hier weer terug naar de vrouwenalt ipv counter....duidelijk een weg naar Golgotha maar wel een omweg in deze bij vlagen fraaie uitvoering.

Challenge Classics

February 5th 2010 13:51
Dear Dirmeikis,
No problem, we hope you will like the music!


February 5th 2010 10:51
My previous question was useless. Immediately after posting it, I saw the price and the basket icon appear, showing that the set is now available. Therefore I ordered it... Looking forward to receiving it.


February 5th 2010 10:41
This is great. When will it be released? The info might be somewhere on the site but I couldn't find it...

Challenge Classics

February 5th 2010 08:47
Dear Herby,
Thank you for your comment! We added the solïst to the description field. We hope you enjoy the recording as much as we do!

Challenge Classics

February 5th 2010 08:47
Dear Herby,
Thank you for your comment! We added the solïst to the description field. We hope you enjoy the recording as much as we do!


February 2nd 2010 12:52
Happy to get this soon - but why do you not mention teh singing soloists on your page?


January 26th 2010 13:21
¡Viva La Petite Bande!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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