Karpfen in Wilhelmsdorf

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Format: CD
Label: Double Moon Records
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Catnr: DMCHR 71069
Release date: 01 March 2008
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€ 8.95
Double Moon Records
Catalogue number
DMCHR 71069
Release date
01 March 2008

About the album

The series „Jazz thing Next Generation“, one of the most continual series of this type worldwide with number 21 in the meantime, has often made big names from debuts. Many bands have been able to release their follow-up projects at other labels, and Double Moon Records only can and wants to produce CDs for such projects in its normal program in exceptional cases (as was the case for Cyminology). Now it has happened again. This new album is again so convincing that we could „not resist the temptation.“
Whoever likes the unconventional will love it. The music from “treì” is sassy, obstinate and creative, because Bernhard Bamert (trombone), Christian Niederer (drums) and Thomas Lthi (saxophone) create a sound together, which cannot be put into any pigeonhole no matter how hard you might try. ”Treì” has found its own style, which appeals thanks to its humor and joy in improvisation: ‘Mardi-Gras interludes alternate with Bebop lines, and free jazz elements dialog with folk music-like melodies. The three musicians get pleasure out of referring ironically to the (musical) past. “Our parents already rebelled in the movement the 60s, and consequently we can’t rebel anymore. But to smash the existing to pieces and put it back together anew, that works! Seen superficially, this means that we can’t do anything – or we can do everything.”
“treì” music is a witty conglomerate of many clicheìs, sometimes loud and making a racket, then quiet and
subtle again.
„...humorous and intelligent, with rough edges, spirited and smooth, subversive, ironic and concentrated, maybe even with a formative influence on style...“ Tobias Bocker, Jazzpodium 4/06. Pure jazz – not bolted down but still wedged in, slightly improvised and artistically brought to spin.
Anja Backhausen, Nurnberger Nachrichten, 22 April 2006. “...treì are pure fascination, sometimes screaming loudly,
sometimes softly demanding. ...“

Wer es gern unkonventionell mag, wird sie lieben: Frech, eigensinnig und kreativ ist die Musik von �tr��, denn Bernhard Bamert (Posaune), Christian Niederer (Schlagzeug) und Thomas L�thi (Saxophon) kreieren zusammen einen Sound, der sich beim besten Willen nicht in irgendeine Schublade stecken l�sst. �tr�� hat einen eigenen Stil gefunden, der durch Humor und Improvisationsfreude besticht: ?Mardi-Gras'-Einlagen wechseln mit Bebop-Lines, Freejazz-Elemente sind im Dialog mit volkst�mlichen Melodien. Dabei machen sich die drei Musiker einen Spa� daraus, ironisch auf (musikalische) Vergangenheiten zu verweisen.




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