Ben Bernie & his Orchestra

Sweet Georgia Brown and other hot numbers

Format: CD
Label: Retrieval
UPC: 0608917905526
Catnr: RTR 79055
Release date: 05 September 2008
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2 CD
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Catalogue number
RTR 79055
Release date
05 September 2008

About the album

From the early 1920s into the ‘30s Ben Bernie lead one of America’s best and most popular dance bands.

He recorded prolifically first for Vocalion and then for Brunswick and quite a large proportion of his output was of considerable jazz interest, thanks largely to the presence in the band of two excellent soloists, alto sax Jack Pettis and trumpeter Bill “Hot Hawaiian” Moore. Both are heavily featured in our 2cd compilation of Bernie’s most interesting hot recordings.

Amongst the hottest of all the tracks is the unlikely sounding “When Polly Walks Through The Hollyhocks In The Moonlight” and we bring you both the vocal and non-vocal takes.
There are several more alternate takes here and this set is essential listening for any hot dance band enthusiast.
Von 1891 bis 1943 lebte Ben Bernie - heute kaum noch jemandem bekannt, doch in den 20er Jahren leitete er sein weithin bekanntes eigenes Orchester. Er spielte als erstes den Titel 'Sweet Georgia Brown' ein, dessen Mitkomponist er auch war. Die Doppel-CD pr�sentiert 48 Gassenhauer der 'Roaring Twenties' von einer der ber�hmtesten Orchestern der Zeit.




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