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Music In Motion

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Release date: 24 April 2009
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€ 12.95
Catalogue number
FL 72413
Release date
24 April 2009

About the album

Abbie de Quant: flute | Elizabeth van Malde: piano

The title of this album, “Music in Motion” can be interpreted in various ways: music which concretely invites to movement - dancing - and a more abstract approach to it.
The character of a composition is amongst others defined through rhythmic elements: the country of origin of a composer can often be recognized in it, for example in the music of Prokofiev, Gubaidulina and Taktakishvili. The influence of folk music is clearly present in their work. Music and Motion are intrinsicly connected with each other in a scale of nuances of the senses: happy, sad, vital, sensual, flowing, lightfooted, temperamental, etc.
The abstract interpretation of the theme can be found with Dutch composers.

In the composition of Du Bois various sorts of musical movements in a dialogue between flute and piano are sought for. Zuidam looked for movement- and developmental possibilities between both instruments. The slow parts in this program (i.e. Rachmaninov) have in their lyric a flowing, stirring movement which strengthens the singing element.

Aantrekkelijke collectie van ritmische composities
Dit album bevat werken voor fluit en piano van componisten uit Rusland, Georgië en Nederland. De composities laten invloeden van volksmuziek horen en worden bepaald door hun ritmische elementen. Vandaar ook de titel van het album, Music in Motion, dat tevens kan worden geïnterpreteerd als beweging op muziek.

De muziek op het album is onder anderen gecomponeerd door de Russen Prokofiev en Gubaidulina en de Georgiër Taktakishvili. De invloed van volksmuziek is duidelijk aanwezig in hun werken en ze roepen ook tal van emoties op, zoals blijheid, verdriet, temperament en gevoeligheid.

Op het album staan ook composities van Nederlandse componisten zoals Rob du Bois en Robert Zuidam. Zij zochten in hun werk naar verschillende mogelijkheden om de dialoog tussen de fluit en piano goed tot uiting te laten komen. Daarbij maakten ze gebruik van diverse ritmische elementen en geven daarmee een meer abstracte interpretatie aan de titel Music in Motion.

De veelgeprezen fluitiste Abbie de Quant en pianiste Elizabeth van Malde hebben samen een aantrekkelijke collectie gebracht van werken voor fluit en piano. Ze spelen zowel muziek om op te dansen, de volksmuziek, als ritmische muziek in de abstracte zin van het woord ‘motion’. Het ritme speelt een belangrijke rol in deze verzameling en dat weet dit duo zeer goed over te brengen.
Alle Werke dieser CD-Sammlung sind durch deren rhythmischen Elemente bestimmt, folglich sind alle St�cke 'Musik in Bewegung'. Au�erdem ist der Einfluss der jeweiligen Volksmusik in den meisten Kompositionen sp�rbar. Eine abwechslungsreiche Aufnahme mit Werken f�r Fl�te und Klavier aus Russland, Georgien und den Niederlanden.


Abbie de Quant studied with Jan Prins and Koos Verheul. In 1970 she graduated “summa cum laude” with a soloist’s degree. During her studies she took a course with Severino Gazzelloni, receiving the “diploma di onore” from the Accademia Chigiana in Siena. She won many national and international competitions and in 1973 was awarded the Prix d’Excellence.
She has appeared as a soloist with many leading orchestras, esp. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, with conductors such as Sir Neville Marriner, Luciano Berio, Roberto Benzi, Kenneth Montgomery, Ton Koopman, Ed spanjaard. She has performed in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, and has appeared frequently on radio and television and made numerous recordings. For 33 years Abbie de Quant taught at the Utrecht Conservatory, and she is still connected with the Amsterdam Conservatory.
Since 1992 she has her own series in the Kleine Zaal of Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw, in which each programme contains at least one composition specially written for her. Her repertoire extends from the Baroque through to contemporary Western and Asian music.

Elizabeth van Malde performed as soloist with various orchestras after music studies in Rotterdam and Paris. In connection with chamber music, she works steadily with instru-
mentalists and vocalists, and coaches young musicians. She was an accompanist at international music competitions and festivals. In this manner she furthermore accompanied at the concourses at which the flutist Abbie de Quant was the winner. For radio broadcasts, she gave solo recitals and made numerous recordings, i.e. with Cor de Groot (two pianos), horn player Ab Koster, violinist Theodora Geraets and Abbie de Quant. With the two last mentioned, Elizabeth three times made a concert tour through Indonesia and Malaysia.
In the 2006-2007 season, she had her own series in the Hague in a variety program together with her friends in music.



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