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Eric Vloeimans/Jeroen van Vliet

Eric Vloeimans' Gatecrash


  • Type CD
  • Label Challenge Jazz
  • UPC 0608917015225
  • Catalog number CHR 70152
  • Release date 02 October 2009
Physical (CD)

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About the album

Eric Vloeimans: trumpet and effects | Jeroen van Vliet: Fender Rhodes, keyboards | Gulli Gudmundsson: bass, electric basses & effects | Jasper van Hulten: drums

Eric Vloeimans about the compositions on this cd:
Maceo was written after a performance by Maceo Parker at a festival in which I also played with Gatecrash. I was very impressed by the grooves and the terrific dance rhythms. This piece is in honor of Maceo Parker.

Hymne is a component of the larger composition Snow by Jeroen van Vliet.
I found it such an overwhelmingly lovely and heavenly theme that I got a lump in my throat – more than enough reason to have it as an independent track on the Album.

Floratone is one of Jasper van Hulten’s first compositions. He felt inspired by Steve Coleman after attending one of his workshops. While writing Floratone Jasper also employed Coleman’s typical rhythmic layering to produce this special sound.

Pèlerinage is a long journey of footsteps, as in a pilgrimage. Footsteps that keep going and going…towards the light…towards the dawn..?

Milkman arose from the wish of writing a robust and randy piece. We think it came out great. Gulli talked about a Harley-Davidson groove. I always feel really rough ‘n tough when we play it. But where does the Milkman come in?

Six Things on my Mind is a trio improvisation. It was the first take on the first day at the studio. Gulli arrived later that day so the recording was yet without bass. But we liked it a lot, and Gulli contributed by thinking up this excellent title!

I’ve been interested in and influenced by Eastern music for many years. That is quite audible in the composition Mr. Selçuk, a piece I wrote for my good friend Kadir Selçuk who has done so much for jazz in my home town of Rotterdam.

When we were in the studio we decided to begin each day with some improvisations. Your ears are still fresh and we started from scratch. Jailbreak is such an open improvisation, a spontaneous creation by four musicians, right after breakfast!

Orbit is the term for “the curved path, usually elliptical, described by a planet, satellite, spaceship, etc., around a celestial body, as the sun”. It’s a meditative piece, a state of being. Hein Van de Geyn’s commentary after our first and only take was “Hey man, this piece is nothing and everything at the same time.” He couldn’t have given me a nicer compliment.

Fête de la Musique came about by combining two other compositions which give it an added value. This is a piece that I hope will cheer folks up, so that they start smiling or dancing. Our second day of recording ended up in the kitchen, laughing and doing a polonaise at the ‘fête de la musique’.

Snow by Jeroen is a contemplative soundscape. It’s timeless, and through the odd irregular groove it turns and turns without getting a firm grip. The closing hymn brings you to a standstill.

Pedal to the Metal is the most lurid piece I’ve ever written. That’s about all I can say. Just listen and enjoy Gulli’s and Jeroen’s great sound effects in the bridge.

Song of Gods is just what the title says. A sublime and generous composition by Gulli, with of course the virtuoso and inimitable Gulli himself on electric bass.

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