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Transit Room

Gordon Pym

  • Type CD
  • Label Double Moon Records
  • UPC 0608917108224
  • Catalog number DMCHR 71082
  • Release date 02 April 2010

About the album

Edgar Allen Poe only wrote one single novel, and this music might appear to many to be as puzzling as it and its main character "Gordon Pym" – however, only to those people who wear acoustic blinders and whose most important pieces of furniture are pigeonholes. The founder of Transit Room, the Swiss bassist Andreas Waelti, is also the bassist in the band, which has creating excitement in the best sense of the word for about one year: the "Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra" – its "head" there, Daniel Glatzel, also provides his service to the sextet here. His varied, expressive playing is heard to especially good advantage in the small group, and his partner on wind instruments, the Frenchman Pierre Borel, is just as good. Above all, the Norwegian Refseth – also a member of "Andromeda" – contributes important ingredients with his swinging vibraphone sound as well as does the guitarist Halscheidt from Essen, who knows precisely how you create ambience with sounds as a very busy musician for films and television. Connoisseurs of the "Next Generation" series know Tobias Backhaus as drummer in Andi Kissenbeck's Club Boogaloo, and he demonstrates his enormous range of talent in creating rhythmic artworks here. They all have the fact in common that they can create special worlds of sound in "Transit Room", which initially rattle our listening habits, but to which we can no longer (and no longer want to) return to afterward. Or as Tom Gsteiger wrote (in the Swiss "Bund"): "That which makes Transit Room into a band whose lively music you can hardly hear enough of is not primarily the solo flights of fancy, but instead the heightening of individual skills thanks to the variety of compositional and conceptual guidelines." Berlin has become a melting pot of European (top) musicians in the meantime for the complete scene, and the force of innovation is cooking on a high flame there. Transit Room is the icing on the cake ...

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