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Soo Cho/Angelo Verploegen

Soo Cho Quartet

Little Prince

  • Type CD
  • Label Challenge Records
  • UPC 0608917329926
  • Catalog number CR 73299
  • Release date 01 October 2010
Physical (CD)

€ 12.95
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About the album

"I love to make my music as pure as possible and I also love to give an honest impression to the listener. These days a lot of musicians are making very complex and difficult music, which (although much of it is great music that I genuinely admire) I sometimes feel has something of the circus about it. Maybe this comes from my inability to play like that, but musical acrobatics have never spoken to me and I have always felt I should take a different approach - one which doesn’t emphasise technical prowess, but rather, focuses on serving the compositions and my ideas behind them.

We were all children once though, and we shouldn’t forget what that was like. Sometimes we should again think the way we did when we were children and see all the wonderful things in life that were once the only things we saw.

During the creation this album, I often took myself back to my childhood - where everything and anything seemed possible. I hope this comes across in my music and that it can make some people happy. I hope it will make people think about the things that inspired me when writing each composition." 
- Soo Cho in the linernotes of the CD 'Little Prince'


Challenge Records International

November 1st 2010 09:30
Dear Elvira,
This is a purely instrumental cd indeed!


October 29th 2010 21:48
Is this only an instrumental cd? I heard 30 seconds of each song, there wasn't a voice ?! Is that correct?

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