Jasper Somsen

Dreams, Thoughts & Poetry

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Release date: 01 October 2010
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€ 12.95
Challenge Records
Catalogue number
CR 73303
Release date
01 October 2010

About the album

Jasper Somsen and his ensemble play the music of Enrico Pieranunzi and they do this with their own vision of Pieranunzi's music in a heartfelt and profoundly musical way. The interpretations and improvisations succeed beautifully in conveying the “dreams” and “thoughts” ánd "poetry".

Jasper Somsen: "When the music is really great, styles doesn't matter. Most important is that the music (whether improvised or composed) is straight from the heart!"

"The best music is created the moment you're truly listening and anticipating, during the interaction with your fellow musicians. If you do exactly the same whilst playing your solo(s), you get the best out of yourself. You're focused outward. Your concentration is centred 'in between' the phrases. This space is 'the silence' between the one right phrase and the (yet to be played) next right phrase. It's the ultimate spot where music is breathing; where inspiration, intuition, knowledge and technique show you the right musical path to be taken." (Jasper Somsen, inspired by Kenny Werner's book "Effortless Mastery")
  • Een inspirerende ode aan een wereldberoemde pianist: Enrico Pieranunzi, een gewaardeerde persoonlijkheid in de jazz scene
  • Gespeeld door jonge, talentvolle muzikanten met een visie: Bert Lochs op trompet en Flugelhoorn, Florian Zenker op gitaar, Jeroen van Vliet op piano en Fender Rhodes, Pieter Bast op drums en uiteraard Jasper Somsen op contrabas
  • Somsen en zijn band laten deze muziek opnieuw tot leven komen en geven er een frisse sound aan
  • Inspirerend door en voor de muziek, gespeeld in en met bewondering
Bassisten als Bandleader sind rar - in diesem Falle aber konnte er Musiker um sich scharen, die wie er den gro�en europ�ischen Pianisten Enrico Pieranunzi und dessen Kompositionen verehren. Mit dem Ziel, durch spezielle Arrangements und eigene Interpretationen seiner St�cke ein Denkmal f�r Pieranunzi zu setzen. Gegl�ckt!


Jasper Somsen was born on March 4 1973, Bennekom - The Netherlands. He studied Jazz and Classic double bass at the Conservatories of Utrecht, Hilversum and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

He played with renowned Dutch and international jazz musicians, such as pianists Bert van den Brink (Boy Edgar Prize 2007) and Michiel Borstlap; drummer John Engels; saxophonist Ferdinand Povel; singer Rita Reys and trumpet player Eric Vloeimans. He played with several orchestras, which included the Orchestra of the Royal Dutch Air force. Jasper worked with the American Jazz vocalist Nancy Marano (New York, USA), during her stay in Holland.

Jasper was the leader/producer/composer/arranger of the New Standard Trio, which released two CDs in 2003 ("Footsteps") and 2006 ("Nightshift Thunder"). As a sideman he played on several CDs.

The latest release is the CD "Mouthpieces" (2007) with the Dutch trumpet player Bert Lochs and the German guitarist Florian Zenker. The Trio Bert Lochs was invited to play at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2008, Rotterdam (NL). Also he is the bassplayer in the quartet of saxofonist Willem Hellbreker, feat. pianist Rob van Kreeveld.

The Jasper Somsen Group now (in 2010) releases: "Dreams, Thoughts & Poetry" (The music of Enrico Pieranunzi - 2009)
In 2009-2010 Jasper did a Jazz Impuls Tour with the Trio Bert Lochs and singer Lydia van Dam.

Since 2001 he is the regular bassist with Maud Nelissen's The Sprockets and her Orchestra da Camera Oscura, playing live music with silent movies. Both ensembles played at many national en international festivals in Holland, Belgium, Italy and Germany.

On two tours in Holland and Belgium he joined Javier Perez de Azpeitia's The Silent Band (Spain) playing music with the silent movies "Faust" (Murnau) and "La Revoltosa".

As a (guest)teacher he was appointed at the Conservatories of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Alkmaar. Currently Jasper runs his own Bass Academy in his home town, Wageningen - The Netherlands.



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