Lieske Spindler Guitars

Bottom's Dream - Guitar Duos

Format: CD
Label: Challenge Classics
UPC: 0608917251128
Catnr: CC 72511
Release date: 13 September 2011
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Challenge Classics
Catalogue number
CC 72511
Release date
13 September 2011

About the album

Lieske Spindler Guitars was founded in 2009. For the 150th birthday of Isaac Albéniz, the duo recorded the CD “Evocación” for Challenge Records with transcriptions of his piano works (CC72374). The guitarists had two legendary instruments by Antonio de Torres at their disposal for this recording. The Duo was rewarded with a Gramophone Editor's Choice for this breathtaking and ground-breaking 2-cd.

"Lieske and Spindler’s interpretations can be expansively orchestral in conception – try the opening “Evocación” from Iberia, the “Bajo la palmera” and “Oriental” from Cantos de España – or intimately lyrical ...and expressive, as in the barcarolle Mallorca...."

Spindler about the new, second album " Bottom's Dream":
"This isn’t about classical guitars, but about guitars per se. We chose the composers for this CD because Mingus and Piazzolla also orbited between several stylistic worlds. Mingus had a passion for Debussy, Ravel and Richard Strauss, while Piazzolla started his career in utter panic in case tango might be associated with brothel music. This balancing on the borderline was extremely fruitful for both of them. Nobody today would question how important these artists are."

Interessante gitaarwerken in verschillende stijlen
Dit is het tweede album van het gitaarduo Lieske Spindler Guitars en bevat werken voor klassieke en moderne gitaar.

Op het album staan werken van componisten Charles Mingus jr. en Astor Piazolla. Het zijn composities in de meest verschillende stijlen, zoals Tango Nuevo, jazz en klassiek en dat op het allerhoogste niveau. Mingus had een passie voor Debussy, Ravel en Richard Strauss, terwijl Piazzolla zijn carrière startte uit grote paniek dat de tango geassocieerd zou worden met bordeelmuziek. Het balanceren op de rand tussen deze muziekstijlen was ontzettend vruchtbaar voor beide componisten. Wulfin Lieskes eigen compositie, Bottom’s Dream, is het atmosferische middelpunt van dit album: afwisselend en modern, maar zonder te flirten met de avant-garde.

Lieske Spindler Guitars werd opgericht in 2009 en bestaat uit het duo Wulfin Lieske en Fabian Spindler. Samen maakten ze dit album dat zeer interessant voor een breed publiek.

Fruchtbare Grenzgänge von der Klassik in die Jetztzeit

Die neue CD von Lieske Spindler Guitars verbindet virtuos und authentisch die unterschiedlichsten Stilrichtungen wie Tango Nuevo, Jazz und Klassik auf allerhöchstem Niveau. Wulfin Lieskes eigene Komposition „Bottom’s Dream“ ist der atmosphärische Mittelpunkt dieser CD: Abwechslungsreich und modern, aber ohne mit der Avantgarde zu liebäugeln.


Lieske Spindler Guitars
Not knowing beforehand what’s going to happen in the next seconds creates immense suspense and is an adventure repeatedly embarked upon by Wulfin Lieske and Fabian Spindler – in every rehearsal, every recital and also with every recording. Their collaboration, which started in 2007, focuses on the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Domenico Scarlatti, Isaac Albéniz, Manuel de Falla, also contemporary compositions by Ross Edwards and Astor Piazzolla.

To celebrate the 150th birthday of the composer Isaac Albéniz in 2010, the duo has recorded this CD with transcriptions of his piano works. Modern music is represented on the CD with “Bottom’s Dream”: as well as the artPop suite of the same name by Wulfin Lieske, moreover, sounds of Asia can be heard in works by the Australian Ross Edwards. The CD also includes the “Tango Suite” – Astor Piazzolla’s breathtaking masterpiece – and the jazz ballad “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” by Charles Mingus.

A special highlight can be heard in the concerts of the two guitarists with the Mongolian singer and horsehead violinist Fu-Zhu Men.

Wulfin Lieske
Hailing from his birth place, Linz, Austria, guitarist and composer Wulfin Lieske made his professional début at the age of 14, in Iona, Scotland in the famous Abbey. Today he is one of the leading international guitarists. His musical interpretation reveals an entirely new insight into traditional guitar music. Lieske’s playing abounds with sensuousness, subtle ornaments and a tremendously wide variety of dynamism and tone colours, combined with the perfect mastery of his instrument.

So far, Lieske has worked with conductors such as Gidon Kremer, Astor Piazzolla, Juan José Mosalini and has accompanied the Hilliard Ensemble.

Wulfin Lieske was the first ever artist to record a CD using an instrument created by the legendary luthier Antonio de Torres. This contributed to the revival of interest in the original Old Spanish guitars (EMI Classics).

Fabian Spindler
The artist was born in Göttingen and is one of the most promising young guitarists of his generation. During his studies in Cologne and Paris his guitar duo was awarded numerous national and international prizes including the “audience’s prize”, the most highly endowed competition for guitar duos in Montélimar, the first prize in the Wuppertal music competition as well as the Premio special giurio in the Concorso Mauro Giuliani in Bari, Italy.


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