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Karlheinz Miklin, Heiri Känzig, Billy Hart

Live at Porgy & Bess

Physical (CD)

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About the album

The listeners in need of an instrument serving harmonic background could at first sight be somewhat puzzled. The trio on this album consists of saxes, bass and drums, a group of three high-class musicians to be understood as a unity. Each one of them is capable of presenting his craft well audible and transparent by himself, suggesting musical figures and phrases in a clear and precise way. They deny the reduced line up by constantly relying on each other and cultivating a high level interplay which is most intriguing. Horn man Karlheinz Miklin’s interpretations give proof of his utmost understanding of the soprano- alto- or tenor saxophones as well as the material which all of it has been contributed by him. His excellent feel and creativity concerning his innovative solo work plus a hand-in-glove cooperation with his mates who support the saxophonist perfectly is amazing. Miklin seems to be at home in both the tradition and today’s concepts in jazz, defining the trio as being musically outstanding. Which wouldn’t be as brilliant as it is without the two remaining members. Swiss bassist Känzig, is utterly versed both as a soloist and supporting musician makes him a rare exponent of his instrument. His beautiful tone and out-standing technical skills fit the trio perfectly. So does US-drummer Billy Harts collaboration. He is an utmost musical drummer plus the responsible for all engaged and muscular rhythm proceedings, tasks which are taken care of in an outstanding excellence and astute musical understanding. Hart often travels to Europe where he is welcome as both player and instructor. To sum it up: A world class trio!

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