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Mindful Indifference

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Supertracks Records
Catalogue number
ST 75772
Release date
25 September 2012

About the album

More than fifteen years, Rood's versatility as the singer, poet, composer en multi-instrumentalist has been characterized by his appearance as front man of Nighthawks at the Diner and the albums Fool’s Tango, Walkin’ On Eggs, Transit Cellophane, and Perfect Life. His songs are being described as "jazz in a tango-vehicle, trashcan blues, harrowing ballads and grubby vaudeville suites ". Melancholic yet raucous. Nightclub music. With Mindful Indifference, Rood's stories are being put out in the open field. They breath air, some with life-affirming joy, some full of loneliness. A delicate album, on which Rood's timing and feel, his gorgeous voice, the guest appearances and remarkable tributes all are being brought to daylight.

Why this title Mindful Indifference? Rood: "It’s a kind of a wish. Wishing we all get to be a little bit more indifferent about a lot of things. I mean, we’re trying so hard to fix everything in our present-tense culture, leveling and standardizing things. More and more we’re inflating The Big Illusion of Control, again. I guess we just got to let go more often. In a careful deliberate manner. Mindful Indifference, there it is. Deflate the illusion of control over our lives, over nature, over other people. Maybe most of all, deflate the illusion of control over love. Celebrate imperfection more often. Take some time to play, learn, understand, and enjoy the ride. Freedom of mind only exists in places where the illusion of control has been dethroned, or better yet, has abdicated itself.’"

For his latest album, Rood picked up all instruments himself, letting go of his vast formation, and started experimenting recording his songs the old-fashioned way: single-mixed. Rood:
"It happened I came to work with what I now call ‘the natural imperfection of the environment’. I started recording the first demos on weird locations, not fit for acoustic accuracy. But along the way, I got used to the sound of these ‘imperfect’ rooms. I figured, my ears don’t bother whether the notes are being played in a controlled or in an out-of-control setting. My ears don’t care whether this progression was a balanced decision or just coincidence. Who cares how this particular chord made it to the record? That’s why I continued experimenting without sound-proof booths, overdubbing, click-tracks, noise reduction, and so on. Just sound-on-sound, using the same single mic. You hear the limitations in the master files, the background noise and the distortions, but it turned out to be what I wanted to hear. The album has become a Don Quichot-like quest for little rags of love, taking place in a rather utopian time. A time in which the throw of a kiss at the station is of more importance than a fist-fuck in a damp alley. A collective longing, I guess, but I'm not too sure."
Roderick 'Rood' Adeo ist der Kopf der über die Grenzen Hollands hinaus bekannten Formation 'Nighthawks at the Diner', nun hat er sich ein Solo-Projekt gegönnt, oft ist nur er mit Gesang, Gitarre, Percussion und präpariertem Bass zu hören, gelegentlich sind Gäste (Violine, Kontrabass) mit von der Partie. Die Aufnahme ist bewusst 'Anti-HiFidel' - keine technischen Mätzchen, kein akustischer Totraum. Bewusst wurden Nebengeräusche belassen. An vielen Stellen fühlt man sich an frühere Aufnahmen von Tom Waits erinnert. Intimes und berührendes Singer-Songwriter-Album.


RODERIK 'ROOD' ADEO (Netherlands, 1970) contributed to many projects varying from guest appearances, co-writing and arranging music for other artists, on to opera, translations, film and theatre. Yet, the versatility of the singer, poet, composer and multi-instrumentalist is best characterized by his appearance as front man of Nighthawks at the Diner, the albums Fool’s Tango, Walkin’ On Eggs, Transit Cellophane, and Perfect Life. The new album of NATD is called "Mindful Indifference"!

In 1997, ROOD releases the NATD-album Fool's Tango, with co-composers Frank de Kleer and Bob Wisselink. Fool's Tango is rewarded ‘CD of the month’ in Music Maker, the foremost musicians’ magazine in the Netherlands. Fay Lovsky appears on the duet 'You Invented Me'. This debut album eventually leads to invitations to popular national radio programs and paves the way to the release on A-Records label, a division of Challenge Records.
In 1998, Nighthawks at the Diner is asked by Sony/Philips to record with the newly developed digital recording system DSD. This project results in the second album, Walkin’ On Eggs.
In August 1998, Nighthawks at the Diner wins both the Public and Press Award at the Sopot International Festival in Poland.
In 1999, the single How About The Next Millennium is being released and Walkin’ On Eggs again presented at the Funkausstellung in Berlin. ROOD’s ballad 'To Be A Man' is released on the Polish Wroclaw Theatre Festival jubilee CD by Luna Records with amongst others, Nick Cave and Cesaria Evora. Concerts at the Karlshamn Baltic Festival Sweden and the Wroclaw International Festival Poland follow shortly after.
In 2000, ROOD & Emanuel Pessenha release a dreamy peace of work: Retrato, an intimate and intriguing nontraditional fado-album.
As a tribute, Nighthawks at the Diner arrange four Kurt Weill-songs for the Wroclaw Theatre Festival 2000 Weill-edition.
In 2002 ROOD releases his highly praised third Nighthawks at the Diner album Transit Cellophane on the label NWR and published by EMI, comprising 17 tracks.
In August 2005 ROOD performs in Denmark & France and records Jesse Mae Robinson’s 'The Other Woman' for a Nina Simone tribute album, featuring many musicians from Nijmegen, among whom Frank Boeijen and Fay Claassen. On the album, ROOD accompanies Idols-finalist Maud Mulder on 'Everything Must Change'.
In March 2006, ROOD & NATD conclude the Night of Poetry Festival at Vredenburg Concert Hall Utrecht. ‘Observant Spectator’ is being released on the DVD Dichters in Woord en Beeld.
In 2006, ROOD composes the music for Frank Boeijen’s song ‘Verloren Stad’, which is being released in November 2006 on the DVD As.
June 2009, ROOD and his Nighthawks at the Diner released the album Perfect Life, produced by Loek Schrievers. Line-up: Toon Meijer (saxes, clarinets), Pieter Klaassen and Loek Schrievers (guitars), Jan Flubacher (double bass), and Thijs Verwer (drums, percussion).

Guest appearances
ROOD ADEO and his Nighthawks at the Diner have featured many performers, among whom vocalists DeeDee Bridgewater, Mich van Hautem, Dutch Idols finalist Maud Mulder, saxophonists Chester Washington (Earth Wind & Fire) Miguel Boelens and Rinus Groeneveld, trumpet players Eef van Breen and Jarmo Hoogendijk, trombonist Bert Boeren, Zapp String Quartet and Jules Deelder on drums. Fay Lovsky appeared on the duet ‘You Invented me’.
Bariton Ernst Daniël Smid appeared on the duet 'Baby Don't You Like My New Tattoo'.



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River Call - Rood Adeo - Album Mindful Indifference 2012

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