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Mount Meru


  • Type CD
  • Label Buzz
  • UPC 0608917611021
  • Catalog number ZZ 76110
  • Release date 06 September 2013
Physical (CD)

€ 12.95
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About the album

Mount Meru is a gathering place.  

Musicians who wander about in the open water of free improvisation return to one of their old loves: songs.  

Because songs are friendly and volatile, but under the sheet of lightness they can bark and bite.  

Mount Meru looks at the falling rocks, heroic achievements and at the edges of society. Ascending Mount Meru, you look out on its big brother, the Kilimajaro. Climbing this last is the most glorious, Mount Meru is the most beautiful road.

Trees purify what we leave filthy. They are slow where we are in a hurry. The brakes on our extravagance.

Mount Meru’s first record is a fifty-minute cry of lament and passion. About boredom, disbelief and progress in a world that rumbles on.

Arbres is the craft of song-writing and the freedom of play.


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