Côte de Cologne

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Release date: 01 February 2013
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€ 8.95
Double Moon Records
Catalogue number
DMCHR 71117
Release date
01 February 2013

"Together it forms a top production, which grips you while listening"

Music Emotion, 03-6-2013

About the album

Only a person who has a stable and navigable ship goes "Offshore". And who has a goal, even if it is only a vague one in the sense of "exploring new things". The quintet Offshore from Cologne also started their journey at the "Côte de Cologne", i.e., on the banks of the Rhine. The five students and graduates of Cologne Music College, where they obtained a solid basis for their excursions, joined together in 2009 and had an amazing start: Finalists and first-place winners of the contest "Startbahn Jazz 2010" (Straubing), winners of the "Convento" prize, finalists in the "European Jazz Prize 2011" (Burghausen) and the soloist prize for Dierk Peters there. Quite a respectable list! And quite something worth listening to! A somewhat unusual mixture with vibraphone, saxophone and piano trio enables sound textures, which attract your attention. The stylistic openness makes lyrical moods and groove-oriented, modern arrangements possible. Modern jazz, which has very clear roots in jazz history, but just as clear stimuli from classical music and from current trends in jazz and pop, and consequently extends the horizon as far as possible – the reference to the open sea fits here too.
„Offshore“ – also auf offene See – begibt sich nur, wer ein stabiles und navigierbares Schiff unter den Füßen hat. Und wer ein Ziel hat, und sei es nur vage: im Sinne von „Neues erkunden“. Das Quintett Offshore aus Köln startet auch an der „Côte de Cologne“ – eigentlich also am Rheinufer – auf ihre Reise. Die fünf Studenten und Absolventen der Musikhochschule Köln, an der sie ihre solide Basis für ihren Ausflug erarbeiteten, haben sich 2009 zusammengetan, und legten auch einen erstaunlichen Start hin: Finalisten und Hauptgewinner der Wettbewerbs „Startbahn Jazz 2010“ (Straubing), Gewinn des „Convento“-Preises, Finalisten des „Europäischen Jazzpreises 2011“ (Burghausen) und dort auch Solistenpreis für Dierk Peters. Das kennen sich sehen lassen. Und vor allem hören lassen: Eine nicht alltägliche Besetzung mit Vibraphon, Saxophon und Piano-Trio ermöglicht Sound-Texturen, die aufhorchen lassen, die stilistische Offenheit lässt lyrische Stimmungen genauso zu wie groove-orientierte, moderne Arrangements. Moderner Jazz, der ganz klar Wurzeln in der Jazzgeschichte hat, aber ebenso klar immer wieder Anregungen aus der klassischen Musik und auch aus aktuellen Strömungen in Jazz und Pop aufnimmt, und dabei den Horizont – auch hier greift der Bezug zur offenen See – weitest möglich ausdehnt.


Saxophonist Christoph Möckel began his music career as prizewinner of the German federal contest "Jugend Jazzt" (Young People Play Jazz" and "Jugend Musiziert" (Young People Play Music), studied under Ignaz Dinné (Jazz thing Next Generation 2004!) and Julia Hülsmann, among others, later in den USA and in numerous workshops, and graduated in Cologne with Distinction in 2011.

Dierk Peters is an outstanding vibraphonist, who has also won numerous prizes, a few as duo partner of Charlotte Greve (with her Liesbeth Quartet Jazz thing Next Generation 2010). Not unusual, but certainly helpful for him was the fact that he first learned to play the drums and only discovered his love of vibraphone as an adolescent. This also explains his stupendous variety of rhythms.

Constantin Krahmer completed his piano studies in Cologne in 2011 where he studied under John Taylor, Hubert Nuss and Florian Ross, among others. Numerous workshops with Kenny Werner and Simon Nabatov, among others, rounded out his education. But the result is not only convincing with respect to his piano playing, but also thanks to the compositions. He composed half of the pieces on "Côte de Cologne" (Dierk Peters composed the other half).

Oliver Lutz also completed his studies in Cologne in 2011 and has been a bassist in demand since then (but not only since then), not only in other bands (he won the "Jugend Jazzt" prize with "Besaxung"), but also thanks to his playing at the Mannheim National Theater, for example. The fact that he received a scholarship from the "Yehudi Menuhin Association" was also for a good reason.

Rafael Calman initial taught himself drumming before he studied under Keith Copeland and Jonas Burgwinkel in Cologne, among others. His very attentive accompanying is very striking: always supportive and driving. Maybe that is also due to the unusual gift (but certainly not superfluous one!) for a drummer of perfect pitch.


Together it forms a top production, which grips you while listening
Music Emotion, 03-6-2013

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