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Mieczysław Weinberg

Linus Roth / José Gallardo

Complete sonatas and works

  • Type CD
  • Label Challenge Classics
  • UPC 0608917256727
  • Catalog number CC 72567
  • Release date 24 March 2013
Physical (CD)

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About the album

A special project: Linus Roth and José Gallardo are the first to interpret Weinberg’s sonatas and works for violin and piano in a complete anthology!

Mieczysław Weinberg had an unbelievably tragic life, full of struggle and pain. As a Polish Jewish composer he flee from the Nazi regime to Russia, got imprisoned by Stalin and was saved at the last minute by his good friend and colleague Dmitri Shostakovich. He lost all his family members in concentration camps. Weinberg's compositions, often with a Jewish slant, were prohibited…

Noted German violinist Linus Roth and the Argentinean piano virtuoso José Gallardo feel a lot of compassion for this composer. It's all there in his beautiful and deeply emotional music where Weinberg put so much of his soul. As a great master of contrasts he goes from very dark, to very bright, from a fortissimo when you think the world breaks into pieces, to a pianissimo you can barely hear. In one bar there can be hope, and in the next bar: no hope!

Linus and José feel obliged and honored to be advocates for Weinberg because they think his music deserves it! Now it was time for them to record the "Complete Sonatas and Works" for violin and piano of Weinberg on a 3CD. This has never been done before! Weinberg’s repertoire has always been only partially performed and recorded, but never as complete collection. The Sonatas Nr. 2 and 6. are even never recorded before and the Rhapsody on Moldavian Themes is the only one available recording right now - it was once recorded around 40 years ago, but the vinyl is not available to buy any more.

Linus Roth tells us all about his upcoming album: an inspiring video!


image After the intimate and at the same time very intense album with solo sonatas for violin by Weinberg, violinist Linus Roth is in a perfect flow, because he releases another new album! Again with Russian composers: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto op. 35 and Dmitri Shostakovich' Violin Concerto no.2 op. 129 which Linus Roth has recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Thomas Sanderling. In an breathtaking video Linus Roth ...


Challenge Records Team

October 15th 2018 09:03
Dear Ulrike, The booklet has been send to you by mail! Kind Regards, Challenge Records Team

Ulrike Albrecht

October 14th 2018 13:40
Dear Challenge Records Team, would you please be so nice and send me also a PDF of the CD Booklet? It got lost ... Thanks a lot! All the best Ulrike

Challenge Records Team

April 23rd 2018 09:44
Dear Jim, The booklet has been send to you by mail!

Jim MacCormaic

April 22nd 2018 18:19
I purchased this wonderful set on CD last year (13th April 2017, order number CHAL-17322). I am now in the process of ripping my CDs to computer and wonder if the included booklet is available as a PDF. If so, I would dearly love to have a copy, since my scanner does produces results which are very disappointing. I searched your area at nativedsd.com. They provide PDF booklets for Linus Roth's set of the Weinberg sonatas for solo violin and for his recording of the Weinberg and Britten violin concertos, but do not offer the 3-CD set of Weinberg's complete works for violin and piano (and hence no booklet). I will be forever in your debt if you can help me with this. Jim MacCormaic Dublin, Ireland

Challenge Records Team

January 11th 2018 09:54
Dear Christopher, The booklet has been send to you by mail!

Christopher Godfrey

January 10th 2018 17:06
I spilled coffee over the notes to the complete Violin Sonatas of Weinberg: is it possible, please, that you might let me have another copy? I am perfectly happy to pay for it. Thank you.

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