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Tango! (Blu-Ray)

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Release date: 08 July 2013
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€ 7.95
Challenge Classics
Catalogue number
CC 72602
Release date
08 July 2013

"Niet een al te positieve recensie"

Leeuwarder Courant, 01-11-2013

About the album

Classical music lovers all over the world will know her name: violinist Isabelle van Keulen is a soloist who, for many years now, has built a strong career worldwide. She plays with all the important orchestra's, performs in the famous concert halls and keeps on recording extraordinary CD's of a very high level. Take for instance her latest release of December 2012 with music of Prokofiev together with her duo partner Ronald Brautigam. But now she dares to do something totally different! She wanted to do this for many years and now her dream can come true to play and record the music of Astor Piazzolla. This music she has loved since she was a child of six years old. With her new ensemble she also plays in concert halls and she recorded this beloved tango music on SACD and on film (on DVD and Bluray) in January 2013 in mechelen (Belgium). In a bonus documentary that goes with the BluRay, Isabelle and her colleagues Ulrike Payer, Christian Gerber and Rudiger Ludwig tell about this music, about the tango technique and about their instruments. This not only gives us insight in Piazzolla himself but also tells more about the typical tango sound and how this is produced and why, according to the musicians, this music is so moving and goes straight to the heart!
Van Keulen met een nieuw repertoire
Liefhebbers van klassieke muziek over de hele wereld zullen de naam van Isabelle van Keulen kennen. Van Keulen is een violiste met een uitgebreide internationale carrière, waarin ze gespeeld heeft met meerdere orkesten van wereldkaliber in de beroemdste concertzalen. Ze heeft een groot aantal albums opgenomen van een uitzonderlijk hoog niveau, zoals haar goed ontvangen Prokofiev-album uit 2012 met Ronald Brautigam, met wie zij een duo vormt. Op dit album slaat ze een gedurfde nieuwe weg in door niet het bekende klassieke repertoire, maar muziek uit de Argentijnse tango te presenteren.

Al sinds Van Keulen een kind van zes jaar oud was, is ze dol op de tangomuziek. Haar droom om de muziek van de grote Astor Piazzolla te spelen komt nu eindelijk uit. Met dit nieuwe repertoire ging ze met een nieuw ensemble op tournee en nam ze de muziek op op film in januari 2013 in Mechelen (België). Daarnaast bevat dit album een bonusdocumentaire waarin Van Keulen en haar collega’s Ulrike Payer (piano), Christian Gerber (bandoneon) en Rudiger Ludwig (contrabas) vertellen over de muziek, de tangotechniek en hun instrumenten voor deze opnames. Dit geeft niet alleen een inzicht in de muziek van Piazzolla zelf, maar ook in het typische tangogeluid, hoe dit gecreëerd wordt en waarom, volgens de musici, deze muziek zo roerend en opzwepend is.

De film is een muziekproject van regisseur Hans Pannecoucke en zijn filmcrew.
Piazzollas Tangos in einer emotionalen Aufnahme mit Isabelle van Keulen und ihrem Ensemble.

Der Film auf Blue Ray zeigt das Ensemble während der Aufnahmen, mit der sich vor allem die Geigerin einen lang ersehnten Traum erfüllt. Als Bonus zu dieser BluRay sprechen die Musiker über Piazzollas Musik und ihre Erfahrungen.

Isabelle van Keulen è violinista di altissimo livello, di forte personalità e di straordinaria vitalità musicale, senza alcun dubbio fra le più richieste intepreti d’oggi.

Dall’età di sei anni, quando ricevette in regalo un LP di Astor Piazzolla, la violinista olandese è un’appassionata del tango. Da tempo desiderava suonare questa musica con un ensemble ed ora il suo sogno diventa realtà con un SACD (CC 72610) ma anche con un video disponibile in formato DVD (CC72609) e BluRay (CC72602 – con bonus CD). La versione video comprende il programma vero e proprio (Tango!), eseguito in studio e ripreso splendidamente, con primi piani sulle espressioni dei musicisti, che rendono il film un’intensa esperienza musicale. In appendice un documentario (Music from the Heart) girato dal regista Hans Pannecoucke, con interviste ai membri dell’ensemble e il dietro le quinte delle sessioni di registrazione.

La formazione comprende – oltre a Isabelle – il bandoneonista Christian Gerber, il pianista Ulrike Payer e il contrabbassista Rudiger Ludwig.


The Isabelle van Keulen Ensemble started in January 2011, initiated by violinist and violist Isabelle van Keulen, in the series ‚Carte Blanche’ in Haarlem’s Concertgebouw with compositions by Ástor Piazzolla. After the enormous success of their first concert many further invitations followed instantaniously, a.o. Den Haag (Nieuwe Kerk) and Amsterdam (Concertgebouw), and also from international music festivals like Schleswig Holstein Musikfestival, Rheingau Musikfestival and Delft Chamber Music Festival.

Isabelle van Keulen violin
With her warm enthousiasm and musical versatility Isabelle van Keulen is very much in demand on stages all over the world.As a soloist, both on violin and viola, she performs with various renowned orchestra’s and conductors, and is also a passionate chamber musician in many different combinations. In September 2012 she was appointed professor for violin, viola and chamber music at the Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland. She plays a violin by Joseph Guarnerius del Gesù from the year 1734.

Christian Gerber bandonéon
Born in 1976 Christian Gerber studied at the Hochschule ‚Hanns Eisler’ in Berlin and focused already very early on Argentinian Tango and Tango Nuevo. He received lessons from famous bandonéon players like Juan José Mosalini and Alfredi Marcucci. With his Quinteto Ángel, founded in 2001, he performs all over Europe. Besides he is involved in many cross-over projects and concerts with avant garde music, film music and theatre productions. Since 2003 he is also a member of the group Tango Crash, which got the ‚Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik’ and he is part of the group Stazo Mayor with Grammy-winning musician Luis Stazo.

Ulrike Payer piano
Ulrike Payer is one of the most versatile pianists of this time. Her repertoire is going from barock through to modern music, from solo concerto’s to chamber music and song accompaniment. Ulrike Payer has since many years been engaged with the Argentinian Tango. Especially her encounter and cooperation with bandonéon player Alfredo Marcucci in 1998 gave her a huge inspiration in this genre. She has been appearing with many famous and respected Argentinian musicians like Cholo Montironi, Norberto Bondino, Carlos Buono, Quique Sinesi and the Sexteto Mayor.

Rüdiger Ludwig double bass
Born in 1970 Rüdiger Ludwig started playing the double bass at the age of 15. Two years later he continued studying with Professor Günter Klaus at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt. After having played in the Opera Orchestra in Mainz and the Orchestra of Saarland Radio in Saarbrücken Rüdiger Ludwig became Co-Principal double bass in the NDR Orchestra Hanover, a position he has held since 1995. He is often heard in chamber music concerts with artists like Isabelle van Keulen, Ulrike Payer and the Leopold String Trio. He plays a double bass by Sébastien Philippe Bernardel „Bernardel Père“ from the year 1856.



Niet een al te positieve recensie
Leeuwarder Courant, 01-11-2013

the dutch violinist plays the music of Ástor Piazolla with a passion. Her Ensemble supports her with highest intensity and extremely imaginative. A great achievement!
pizzicato, 01-11-2013

No  quote, not possitive
Luister, 16-10-2013

Tango passion
concerti, 01-10-2013

"For lovers, and there are undoubtedly many, there is nothing else but to buy both formats, but than you have the crème de la crème of Piazzolla's performances at home", 22-9-2013

They take Astor Piazolla's music by heart and this is how they play themselves into the hearts of everyone loving music - and especially tango.
Kultur online, 18-9-2013

better than any other classical music record ever made 
HDVD Arts, 09-9-2013

Grade: A+ "Every bar demands your complete attention. But there's little cheerful or elating about it. The overwhelming emotion of most of the numbers is sadness, especially when the mournful bandoneón is doing anything other than rhythm", 09-9-2013

Hans Pannecoucke's Regie is cautious and considered: The camera floates slowly without deviating from the actual object, while the cuts are used in a contained way., 17-8-2013

A music, the quartet was completely absorbed in that evening.
Der Inselbote, 17-8-2013

delightful variety
Wiesbadener Tagblatt, 13-8-2013

"For the violinist it is a special experience to be a guest at the kamermuziekfestival in Delft, this is her own brainchild  which she led with passion with for so long."
Telegraaf, 05-8-2013

"The CD contains many classics, like Oblivion and Libertango, but also the drawn Contrabaijisimo and the beautiful melanchol song Tanti anni prima, from Piazzolla's soundtrack from the film Enrico IV Bellochio."
NRC Handelsblad, 05-8-2013

Isabelle van Keulen and her ensemble are not re-inventing Tango. But they play the popular compositions by Piazolla with such an intensity as they are discovering it for the first time - and they create an ispiring experience for the audience.
hr2 Kultur, 09-7-2013

This recording of Piazolla's compositions is convincing with a seldom heard intensity
Norddeutscher Rundfunk, 03-6-2013

With her ensemble with cast violin, bandoneon, double bass and piano van Keulen underlines the passion and the avantgardistic snap in Piazzollas art-tangos and makes you feel a amorous rusteling, the finesse and the nearly physical delight of playing these compositions.

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