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Adrian Mears/generations unit 2012/Tim Hurley/Lukas Gabric/Christoph Neuhaus/Matyas Gayer/Norbert Farkes/Adrien Mears

generations unit 2012


Physical (CD)

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About the album

The generations festival was founded in 1998 and takes ploace every 2 years in Frauenfeld, capital of the canton Thurgau in Switzerland. The festival is a creation by saxophonist Roman Schwaller, who is native of Frauenfeld.
Young musicians from all over meet during one week to be part of masterclasses, directed by internationally renowned Jazz musicians. During the week, a jury selects musicians to form the generations band. This band then is recording a CD under the direction of Australian trombonist Adrian Mears.
This CD presents the generations band 2012 and consists of musicians from Germany, Austria, Australia and Hungary, who play a program composed and arranged by Adrian Mears.
The result is more than convincing and shows the high musical level of all these musicians. The compositions and arrangements by Mears are outstanding and so is the solo work of the players.

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