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Slight confusion – 4tet/Philippe Cornaz/Laurent Derache/Philippe Brassoud/Antoine Brouze

Slight confusion – 4tet

Slight confusion – 4tet

Physical (CD)

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About the album

This project reflects a desire to offer music that would be at the same time joyful and serious, light-hearted and challenging, optimistic and introspective in short a musical oxymoron or....Norwegian omelet. In order to do so, I needed a powerful yet smooth, ample yet airy instrumentation. If the presence of a double bass, drums and vibraphone were obvious from the start, I needed yet to find an instrument that would be complementary to this trio. The accordion, due to its range, sound, sustained notes has all the assets that make it the ideal companion to the vibraphone. Furthermore, it enabled me to revisit my past, the accordion having been very present during my childhood.

Antoine Brouze, Philippe Brassoud and Laurent Derache put all their energy in this design so that it should succeed well beyond my fiercest hopes - Philippe Cornaz


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