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Release date: 19 June 2015
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Lawo Classics
Catalogue number
LWC 1085
Release date
19 June 2015

About the album

'From the first listening I have been fascinated by the way in which the formal music of Ørjan Matre seems to combine opposite types of music: on the one hand, timbral pointillism in the spirit of Anton Webern; on the other hand, rhythmically resilient music with repeating patterns. The two types of music have often been viewed as mutually exclusive. The title “Atem” is of course taken from the German word for “breath”.

The work was commissioned by the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra and is written for 4 woodwinds, 4 brass players, 2 percussionists, and a string quintet. Typical for the Matre sound laboratory is that all the instruments, not only the winds, are expected to produce breathing sounds. Now it may well be inappropriate to present an interpretation for listeners who themselves are qualified to point out the connections between the title and the work. Nonetheless: We note that all choices are made in the light of the simple sound description of the title: “Breath”.

The solo strings playing as a quintet on this recording have a more precise breathing sound than a tutti section, which one might expect of a work commissioned by a symphony orchestra. Another point from Matre’s laboratory is his deep insight into the playing techniques of the various instruments. Every single deviation from standard playing technique is described in detail in the score, strengthening the musicians’ confidence in the composer. I do not wish to bore the listener with examples, apart from one, where the strings play harmonics that do not resonate naturally. My guess is that Matre has taken this elegant manner of using “harmonics” in quotation marks from the Italian Salvatore Sciarrino.'
Ørjan Matres Musik fasziniert durch Gegensätze: zum einen den klangmalerischen Pointillismus wie wir ihn auch bei Anton Webern finden, zum anderen rhythmisch federnde Musik mit wiederholten Patterns. Bisher dachte man, dass sich diese beiden Stile gegenseitig ausschließen.
Das Stück "Atem" wurde vom Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra in Auftrag gegeben und ist komponiert für vier Holz- und vier Blechbläser, zwei Perkussionisten und Streichquartet. Typsich für den Klang von Matres Werken ist der Anspruch alle - nicht nur die Bläser - atmen zu lassen. Die einfach besetzten Streicher unterstützen hierbei den atmenden Klang besser als ein Tutti, das man in einem Auftragswerk eines Sinfonieorchesters eher in der Besetzungsliste vermutet.


Ensemble Ernst was established in 1996, an o spring of the contemporary music ensemble at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Thomas Rimul has been the conductor from the start, and most of the musicians have been members since the very beginning.

The ensemble has specialised in recent contemporary music, focusing on composers such as Beat Furrer, Salvatore Sciarrino, Jonathan Harvey, and Iannis Xenakis, as well as actively commissioning music from Norwegian composers.

Underlying the musicians’ commitment to performing contemporary music is a strong desire to communicate with a broader audience. This motivation pervades every aspect of the ensemble’s work, from programming to presentation to performing, and is deeply anchored in the heart of the ensemble.

Ensemble Ernst has received enthusiastic response and glowing reviews for frequent appearances at the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival and has had successful tours of Scandinavia and Germany.


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