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Release date: 15 January 2016
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€ 19.95
TCB The Montreux Jazz Label
Catalogue number
TCB 01312
Release date
15 January 2016

""Like Kate Bush's "50 Words for Snow" from 2011, the confederate Snowland too inspires with hot music under winterly circumstances.""

JazzPodium, 01-3-2016

About the album

Did you ever ask yourself what is behind what meets the eye or the ear as a symphony orchestra is performing? There are, of course, the instruments, most of which have a rich developmental history of several hundred years. There are the members of the orchestra, all of whom will have been practising on their instruments for thousands of hours. And there is the music, usually compositions rooted in hundreds of years of mainly European musical tradition. And there are plenty of conventions that are normally followed to a large extent and for good reasons. So it takes a plethora of preconditions that are to be met before we can be enchanted by, say, one of Brahms’ symphonies.
How different from that kind of culture is a band like Peter’s Playstation? Some of the instruments have the same historical background as those in the symphony orchestra. But drums and percussion instruments are of mainly African and American ancestry whilst the bandoneon is commonly associated with Argentina – although it actually originated in Germany. The Fender Rhodes is an electric version of our good old piano developed in the USA. Peter’s Playstation is, in other words, a concoction of carefully selected instrumental options out of an almost endless variety of possibilities that exist in this globalized world (jazz, by the way, put globalization into practice long before the internet emerged). The players have certainly been practising as long as most classical performers even if part of the emphasis may have been laid on different things like finding their own personal sound and musical language. And then there is the idiosyncrasy of the jazz idiom, shaped and used globally for many decades and providing a rich fund of stylistic options to choose from when determining a band’s musical identity. Not quite unlike classical music then, a project like Peter’s Playstation is rooted deeply in tradition and takes considerable effort to be brought to life.Another difference seems to lie in the way Peter works as a composer. On the one hand, he puts together – composes – his band. It must be an adventurous job to develop the synthesis of the instruments he has in mind and the individuals he would like to have in his band. Peter has always shown great talent and a good sense of anticipation in that: There may have been a few changes in the band’s personnel over the years, but the music has always maintained its transparent style and cool composure. Peter is, on the other hand, once again the composer of most of the tunes, although a record number of three compositions has been contributed by other members of the band this time. Gregor Müller and Eric Hunziker certainly knew how to write music that both reflects their own personal style and fits in with the overall character of this production. No less pleasing than that is Peter’s careful and inventive arranging job. The sound he gets by combining bandoneon, guitar and tenor saxophone in unison must be something new under the sun. And then he goes on to supplement these, for a few delightfully brief moments, with two further saxophones, thus creating a sound that is remotely reminiscent of a big band horn section and yet having a pleasingly unfamiliar effect on the listener. Beauty that does not shout at you.

„Bestens eingespielt und mächtig verspielt... zudem eine topbesetzte Band!“ titelte der Kulturtipp zur letzten CD 'Underwater' von Peter's Playstation.

Mit 'Snowland' setzt das 2008 von Schlagzeuger Peter Preibisch gegründete Sextett noch eins drauf. Federleichte Grooves und griffige Kompositionen verschmelzen zu einem individuellen Bandsound, gewürzt mit hochklassigen Solisten; allen voran der Schweizer Ausnahmesaxophonist Andy Scherrer.


On „ Peter's Playstation's “ third recording SNOWLAND you'll find again beautiful melodies, featherlight grooves, intricate arrangements and subtle interplay. Of course, spiced up with a healthy dose of first class improvisation. „Jazz – with a chill factor“ at it's best!

Andy Scherrer (* 1946 / Tenor Saxophone): One of Europe's leading tenor saxophone voices , Andy Scherrer has made a name for himself as a longtime member of the „Vienna Art Orchestra“ - besides working with heavyweights like Gary Burton, Abdullah Ibrahim, Cedar Walton and Mel Lewis. Approaching his 70th birthday next year, Scherrer looks back upon a fruitful career recording and playing live on the world's most prestigious stages. Yet, his big, round sound and his soulful style of improvisation are still very much in demand. His recent collaborations in a Trio with guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel and bassist Larry Grenadier, a Quartet with drummer Jorge Rossy (of the Brad Mehldau Trio) and pianist William Evans are ample proof of that fact. Besides his tremendous skills as saxophone player, Scherrer is also known for his sensitive piano playing, making him the first choice to accompany singers like Sandy Patton or Ann Malcolm. Andy Scherrer has been a featured member of „Peter's Playstation“ for the past two years.

„Michael Zisman (* 1982 in Buenos Aires-ARG / Bandoneon) is the one Jazz bandoneon player!“ claims Paquito d'Rivera. Paquito has to know, since Zisman has been playing and recording regularly with his band for the last few years. The unique way, in which Michael Zisman fuses the melancholy of Argentinian Tango with the spirit of Jazz has made him very much in demand for both styles. 2013, piano legend Chick Corea has called upon Zisman's services for his last solo/duo Tour, spreading his reputation even further, as has before drumming icon Billy Cobham. Futhermore, Zisman keeps a busy schedule with the Heiri Känzig Quintet, Swiss Soul singer Marc Sway and is featured with the Swiss Jazz Orchestra. SNOWLAND marks Michael Zisman's second recording with „Peter's Playstation“, where he is this time featured on four different tracks.

Peter Preibisch (* 1965 / Drums, Bandleader): Swiss born drummer Peter Preibisch is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Manhattan School of Music in New York. Having spent seven years in the USA, he got to play with guitar wizard Kurt Rosenwinkel, saxophonist Seamus Blake, trumpeter Roy Hargrove, bassist Harvie Swartz among many others. After his return to Switzerland, Preibisch enjoys being a sought after sideman in a variety of projects, known for his skills as tasteful drummer and a creative composer, from Big Band to Trio. In 2008, Peter Preibisch started his most personal and ambitious project: „Peter's Playstation“. First being a quartet, it has by now grown into a sextet, where Peter is responsible as a bandleader, composer, arranger and drummer. After OFF-JAZZ and UNDERWATER, SNOWLAND is „Peter's Playstation's“ third recording for the TCB-The Montreux Jazz Label (TCB 01312).

Andi Pupato (* 1971 / Percussion): Switzerland's percussionist extraordinaire Andi Pupato has honed his skills with master drummers in Cuba (Changuito), Africa (Bilal Kounta) and Spain. His ability to work in literally any setting – by adding relentless groove and tasty colorings - make him the first choice for movie-work, recording and touring the world. World famous harpist Andreas Vollenweider, ECM-recording-artists „Ronin“, Rockband „Gotthard“ and many, many more count on his sevices. SNOWLAND is - after UNDERWATER - already Pupato's second recording with „Peter's Playstation“.

Gregor Müller (* 1967 / Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano): As a graduate from the Zürich Conservatory, Gregor Müller has a profound classical background but is also rooted deeply in Jazz. He feels equally at home with a Steinway, Fender Rhodes or a church organ. This ability led to a broad variety of live and studio engagements in and out of Switzerland. Besides that, Müller keeps busy with leading and composing for his own Piano Trio and enjoying an active schedule with the renowned Zürich Jazz Orchestra. Gregor Müller is an original member of „Peter's Playstation“ since 2008, but SNOWLAND showcases with „Wait“ for the first time also his compositional skills.

Eric Hunziker (*1967 / Electric Guitar): Eric graduated from the Jazz School Lucerne. His playing reveals not only a knack for Jazz, but also for Rock and Indian Music; a trait, that's evident not only in his playing, but in his compositions, too. He keeps busy with a variety of projects: among them the „Swiss Indian Orchestra“and his brandnew Trio „Dogone“. Hunziker is also writing, playing and producing soundtracks for short movies and jingles. Like Gregor Müller, Eric has been with „Peter's Playstation“ since it's founding year 2008 and has also contributed compositionally on all three Cds.

Silvan Jeger (* 1985 / Acoustic Bass): Barely reaching his 30th birthday, Silvan Jeger is clearly the youngster of „Peter's Playstation“ - 40 years apart from it's elder statesman saxophone player Andy Scherrer. Despite his youth he already left his mark in the Swiss Jazz scene, playing with three distinguished, different Swiss tenor -saxophonist-led bands by the likes of Christoph Grab, Reto Suhner and Christoph Gallio. Those - among many other projects - let him tour and travel the world far beyond Switzerland. For the last two years, „Peter's Playstation“ has relied on his groove, sound and ability to interact, with SNOWLAND being his first recording with the band.



"Like Kate Bush's "50 Words for Snow" from 2011, the confederate Snowland too inspires with hot music under winterly circumstances."
JazzPodium, 01-3-2016

"it emerges a in itself complete sound, which defines the objective of aesthetically timeless jazz elegance, based on balanced playing temperament - and fulfills it.
Jazzthing, 01-2-2016

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