Uros Peric & Dusko Goykovich

All of Me

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Label: TCB The Montreux Jazz Label
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Release date: 12 February 2016
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€ 19.95
TCB The Montreux Jazz Label
Catalogue number
TCB 34502
Release date
12 February 2016

"Jazzism, Mei 2016"

Jazzism, 06-5-2016

About the album

Uros had known about Dusko Goykovich years before he started his own musical career. He loves that bluesy, souly sounds of Dusko very much. They first met personally in 2006 when Dusko held a concert with the domestic band at the Royal Garden Jazz Club in Graz, Austria. The chemistry between these two men, although almost of 50 years difference, was perfect and they set up the programme for the All of Me CD.

For Uros it was a great challenge and excitement to work with the man who shared the stage with musicians like Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Woody Herman, Scott Hamilton and many, many other musical celebrities. Uros suggested the songs to appear on the CD and Dusko added two tunes of his choice: Summertime, arranged by himself, and When I Saw You (music by D. Goykovich. lyrics by J. Evans).

Dusko has never before recorded Summertime with any singer. This album thus consists mainly of jazz standard, and one song comes from Uros' feather, Without You I've Got Nothing But Misery.
Uros Peric kannte Dusko Goykovich schon Jahre bevor er seine eigene Musikkarriere begann und liebte seinen bluesigen, souligen Sound. 2008 trafen sie sich zum ersten Mal persönlich nach einem Konzert von Goykovich in Graz und die Chemie zwischen den beiden stimmte sofort, obwohl sie 50 Jahre trennen, und so begannen sie das Programm für 'All of Me' zusammenzustellen.

Für Uros Peric war es eine großartige Herausforderung und aufregend mit einem Künstler zu arbeiten, der schon mit Größen wie Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Woody Herman, Scott Hamilton und vielen anderen auf der Bühne gestanden hat. 'All of Me' enthält Jazz Standards und eine Eigenkomposition von Perics Vater - 'Without You I've Got Nothing But Misery'.


The Slovenian Radio and Television Big Band (Big Band RTV Slovenija) has existed continuously since 1945 and prides itself with being among the oldest orchestras of its kind worldwide.

Its beginnings and first successes can largely be attributed to Bojan Adamič (1912 - 1995), a conductor and composer who already lead his own orchestra during World War II. Immediately after the war, in May 1945, he started reassembling the band, which soon made its first public appearance at the reopening of the Postojna Cave in June 1945.



Jazzism, Mei 2016
Jazzism, 06-5-2016

"Uros Peric sings in best Ray Charles tradition, the RTV Big Band amazes with brillant ensemble playing (...) and Dusko, born in 1931, shines with a wonderfully soul-ish tone."
JazzPodium, 01-4-2016

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