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Victor Silvester & His Ballroom Orchestra

Rare Recordings - Vol. 2: Music! Music! Music!

  • Type CD
  • Label Vocalion
  • UPC 0765387624927
  • Catalog number CDEA 6249
  • Release date 01 January 2000
Physical (CD)

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About the album

1 Says my heart (Lane; Loesser) 
2 It�s a lovely day tomorrow (Berlin)
3 I guess I�ll have to dream the rest (Green; Stoner; Block)
4 I had the craziest dream (Warren; Gordon) 
5 Love steals your heart (May; Stranks) 
6 Gracie Fields Hits (Part 3): HM Little man you�ve had a busy day (Wayne; Sigler; Hoffman)
Little old lady (Carmichael; Adams) � Music, maestro, please (Wrubel; Magidson)
7 Gracie Fields Hits (Part 4): HM I love the moon (Rubens) Let us be sweethearts over again (Gilbert) � Will you remember? (Romberg; Young)
8 Gold and silver (Leh�r) 
9 My heart is still in Vienna (Nestor; Wilson) 
10 Over the rainbow (Arlen; Harburg) 
11 Two in love (Willson) 
12 I go for that (Malneck; Loesser) 
13 You say the sweetest things (Warren; Gordon) 
14 Music! Music! Music! (Put another nickel in) (Weiss; Baum) 
15 Alexanders Ragtime Band  Medley (Part 1) (Berlin): Whatll 'I do?  You forgot to remember  All alone
16 Alexanders Ragtime Band  Medley (Part 2) (Berlin): A pretty girl is like a melody  Blue skies Easter parade
17 Liebestraum (Liszt)
18 Laraine (Silvester; Wilson) 
19 Silver wings in the moonlight (Charles; Towers; Miller) 
20 There I go (Weiser; Zaret) 
21 Could be (Donaldson; Mercer) 
22 Broadway melody (Brown; Freed) 
23 Two sleepy people (Carmichael; Loesser) 
24 Dont you know I care? (Ellington; David)
25 Sing, my heart (Arlen; Koehler) 
26 I wonder whos kissing her now (Howard; Hough; Adams)

Recorded between 1938-50
Victor Silvester & His Ballroom Orchestra, except:
SD Victor Silvester & His Strings for Dancing
HM Victor Silvesters Harmony Music

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