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The Johnny Dankworth Orchestra

Vol. 3 - The 1959 BBC Transcription Recordings: Highgate Hideaway

  • Type CD
  • Label Vocalion
  • UPC 0765387625122
  • Catalog number CDEA 6251
  • Release date 01 January 2000
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About the album

Programme no. 1 (101403)  recorded at BBC Studios, London ca. September 1959:

1 Spoken intro (John Henson) 
& Theme Candy Bar (Dankworth)
2 Kool Kate (Hawdon) arranger: Dickie Hawdon 
Dave Lee (piano); Danny Moss (tenor sax)
Johnny Dankworth (alto sax)
4 Jersey Bounce (Plater; Bradshaw; Johnson; Wright) 
arranger: Johnny Dankworth
Danny Moss (tenor sax); Johnny Dankworth (alto sax)
6 Mood Indigo (Ellington; Bigard; Mills) 
Dave Lee (piano); Danny Moss (tenor sax)
Johnny Dankworth (alto sax)
8 Allens Alley (Best) Johnny Dankworth (alto sax) 
10 The Guys from Gothenburg (Dankworth) 
Johnny Dankworth, Alex Leslie (clarinets)
12 Indian Summer (Herbert; Dubin) 
Danny Moss (tenor sax)
14 Swingin the Blues (Basie; Durham) 
Danny Moss (tenor sax); Dickie Hawdon (mute trumpet)

Programme no. 2 (101404) recorded at BBC Studios, London ca. September 1959:

16 Harlem Airshaft (Ellington) 
Dickie Hawdon (mute trumpet)
Danny Moss (tenor sax); Tony Russell (mute trombone)
18 Tribute to Chauncey (Hawdon) 
Dickie Hawdon (trumpet)
20 Donegal Cradle Song (Hughes) 
arranger: Dave Lindup
Dave Lee (piano); Danny Moss (tenor sax)
22 Joe & Lols Blues (Russell) Dave Lee (piano) 
Laurie Monk, Tony Russell (trombones); Alex Leslie (flute)
24 Melbourne Marathon (Dankworth) 
arranger: Johnny Dankworth; Johnny Dankworth (alto sax)
Dickie Hawdon (trumpet); Laurie Monk (trombone)
Danny Moss (tenor sax)
26 Ill Never be the Same (Malneck; Signorelli; Kahn) 
Johnny Dankworth (alto sax)
28 How About You? (Lane; Freed) 
Dickie Hawdon (mellophone); Dave Lee (piano)

Programme no. 5 (102115) 
recorded at BBC Studios, London ca. September 1959:

29 For Dancers Only (Oliver; Raye; Schoen) 
Johnny Dankworth (alto sax); Danny Moss (tenor sax)
Dave Lee (piano); Dickie Hawdon (trumpet)
31 Desperate Dan (Dankworth) 
Danny Moss (tenor sax)
33 Highgate Hideaway (Dankworth) 
Johnny Dankworth (alto sax); Danny Moss (tenor sax)
Laurie Monk (trombone); Dickie Hawdon (mellophone)
35 My Old Flame (Johnston; Coslow) 
Dickie Hawdon (trumpet); Danny Moss (tenor sax)
37 Bluesology (Jackson) Dickie Hawdon (mellophone) 
Johnny Dankworth (alto sax); Danny Moss (bass clarinet)
39 The Folks Who Live on the Hill 
(Kern; Hammerstein) Johnny Dankworth (alto sax)
41 Specs Yellow (Dankworth) 
Johnny Dankworth (alto sax); Dickie Hawdon (mellophone)
Dave Lee (piano); Danny Moss (tenor sax)
43 Just You, Just Me (Greer; Klages) 
Danny Moss (tenor sax); Laurie Monk (trombone)
44 Spoken outro (John Henson) 
& Theme Candy Bar (Dankworth)

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