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Nicolas Lebègue, Guillaume Gabriel Nivers, Louis Marchand, Jean Henry D'Anglebert, Livre d'orgue de Montréal

Yves-G. Préfontaine

1753-Oeuvres du Livre d'orgue de Montréal, Lebègue, Nivers, Marchand, d'Anglebert

  • Type CD
  • Label Atma Classique
  • UPC 0722056271721
  • Catalog number ACD 22717
  • Release date 27 May 2016
Physical (CD)

€ 19.95
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About the album

This is the first recording that has been made on the extraordinary Juget-Sinclair Op. 35 organ located in the Chapelle du Musee de l’Amerique francophone in Quebec City. This splendid instrument was recreated after scrutinizing investigations of historic French organs. Made in classic 18th century French style, the organ is pitched at A=392, and features a suspended mechanism and low air pressure. Performing on this outstanding organ is the titular organist and maître de chapelle at Grand Seminaire de Montreal, Yves-G. Prefontaine. Yves-G. Prefontaine has decided upon works by Nicolas Lebegue, Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers, Louis Marchand, and Jean Henry D’Anglebert for this program.

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