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Michael Wollny & Vincent Peirani


  • Type CD
  • Label ACT music
  • UPC 0614427982520
  • Catalog number ACT 98252
  • Release date 30 September 2016

About the album

Both of the original compositions by Wollny take the listener off in experimental and expressionist directions. The dialogue between them constantly brims with ideas, and they also have a perfect way of circling in and out of each other’s way. At one moment Wollny might be keeping quiet in some reassuring chords, but then he can break out into a fiercely wild passage, or he might lean into the piano to extract some muffled percussive sounds from it. As for Peirani, he can give the solidity and the seriousness of a church organ, but will also chirrup in little commentaries at the top of his instrument’s range, or deliver volleys and cascades of notes at improbable and probably illegal speeds. This duo of superb musicians can simultaneously be highly refined, and yet completely off-the-wall. They are two of the brightest lights of the international firmament of jazz as seen through a European prism. They have also put down a marker with “Tandem”: their stellar collaboration is most definitely going places.

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