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Martin Rane Bauck, Lisa Streich, Johan Svendsen, Øyvind Mæland



  • Type CD
  • Label Lawo Classics
  • UPC 7090020181271
  • Catalog number LWC 1115
  • Release date 13 January 2017
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About the album

The axiom is “a statement that is self-evident,” as it says in the dictionary, or “a principle that does not need to be proved;” and what is it that the orchestra, Aksiom, do not need to prove: something as prosaic as their own musical philosophy. Shiver (2014) was commissioned by Aksiom, with financial support from the Composers’ Remuneration Fund, and was first performed at Ultimafestivalen/ Nordic Music Days in 2014. Papirosm (2013) explores the throwing open of a bridge to new content, letting numerous, different thoughts traverse the normal flow of thoughts. It was commissioned with financial support from the Swedish Arts Council. It was first performed in Buffalo, New York. Etude ralentissante (2014) could be translated as “slowing etude.” The piece was commissioned by Aksiom, with financial support from the Norwegian Arts Council and was first performed in 2014. The final piece, Misantropi Illb (2014) was commissioned by Aksiom and was first performed in Gronland Church, Oslo, in 2014.

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