Joost Lijbaart / Sanne Rambags / Bram Stadhouders

Under the Surface

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Challenge Records
Catalogue number
CR 73438
Release date
17 March 2017

"Getting Under the Surface: how jazz has gone Dutch"

The Herald Scotland, 14-2-2018

About the album

'What would happen to our mind if we create something out of thin air?'' That question popped up more and more frequently in the mind of drummer Joost Lijbaart. Being a jazz musician he is used to improvisation within the structure of tune and melody, but he wanted to let go of those boundaries and improvise spontaneously. Lijbaart: ''I performed with Bram and Sanne before on some occasions. After a couple of sessions and concerts together the idea of a fully improvised album became a logical next step because we had so much in common. The blend of Sanne's voice in combination with guitar and drums feels very natural. The lyrics, her whispering, talking and singing are so nigh the human body that it creates a prime vulnerability which makes the music open and accessible. Bram Stadhouders is one of the most creative musicians I know. His presence, both as a soloist or an accompanist plus his profusion of sounds renders all three of us the sensation that we are able to fly.
"Was würde mit unserer Kreativität geschehen, wenn wir etwas aus dem Nichts erschaffen?" Diese Frage geht dem Schlagzeuger Joost Lijbaart immer wieder durch den Kopf. Als Jazzmusiker verwendet er zur Improvisation die Struktur von Stimmung und Melodie, aber er beansprucht auch das Überschreiten dieser Grenzen, um spontan improvisieren zu können.
Lijbaart: "Ich habe bei einigen Gelegenheiten mit Bram und Sanne gespielt. Weil wir so viel gemeinsam haben, wurde nach ein paar Sessions und Konzerten die Idee eines komplett improvisierten Albums zu einem logischen nächsten Schritt,
Die Mischung von Sanne's Stimme in Kombination mit Gitarre und Schlagzeug fühlt sich sehr natürlich an. Der Text, ihr Flüstern, Sprechen und Singen ist so nahe am menschlichen Körper, hat eine so wichtige Verletzlichkeit, die die Musik offen und zugänglich macht.
Bram Stadhouders ist einer der kreativsten Musiker, die ich kenne. Seine Anwesenheit, sowohl als Solist als auch als Begleiter, plus seine Überfülle an Klängen vermittelt uns das Gefühl, fliegen zu können.
Die Musik dieses Albums ist eine Kostbarkeit, die wir in dieser gemeinsamen Sphäre gefunden haben. "


Joost Lijbaart is a versatile drummer who uses a lot of different influences in his playing. Born in Amsterdam, he started drumming after his father (in navolging van) when he was seven years old. After several years of classical percussion lessons he went to the conservatory in Hilversum where he followed lessons from Cees Kranenburg, Marcel Serierse and Gerhard Jeltes. He graduated in 1991. During his study he went to Senegal (West-Africa) to take lessons in African percussion with the legendary DuDu and Ali un D'Aya Rose.

Besides jazz, pop and improvised music he worked with modern classical music and dance. In 1990 he performed with students from the National Ballet Academy, played modern classical percussion music from Xenakis, Cage, Reich and worked in different projects with Theo Loevendie and Louis Andriessen.

He formed with Yuri Honing the Yuri Honing Trio in 1989. With this group he did concerts and tours in more than 40 countries all over the world. During a tour in the Middle East in 1998 the trio was catched by the music of the Arab world. The result was a bigger group called Orient Express with a Libanese singer and two musicians from Iraq. This group did several tours in the Middle East and the Netherlands. In 1993 he won the 15th Europe Jazz Contest with the Nicolas Thys trio. For this performance he received the "best drummer award". In 1995 he joined the Michiel Borstlap sextet with Yuri Honing, Eric Vloeimans and Benjamin Herman. With this group they released the double CD the sextet live in 1996 and did several tours in the Netherlands. A tour in China in 1998 was filmed by Dutch documentairy maker Jop Pannekoek. With Yuri Honing, Michiel Borstlap and Boudewijn Lucas he started in 1996 a jazzrock group called White House.

From 1995 he works also with Agog a trio with guitar player Frank Wingold and bassguitar player Mark Haanstra. With this group Lijbaart won in 2002 the Dutch jazz competition and was awarded as best soloist from the contest by American drummer Elvin Jones. From 2002 Joost started his own quartet "group of friends" with Yuri Honing, Benjamin Hermanand Mats Eilertsen. For this group he is also very active as a composer. He played on the North sea jazzfestival with this band in 2003. A DVD of this concert was released in 2005. In 2003 he also did a big project with Dutch choreographist Anouk van Dijk, a ballet for four dancers and four musicians live on stage. This year a new group was formed by Yuri Honing together with Joost Lijbaart, Tony Overwaterand Frank Moebus, a guitar player from Berlin who is well known with his trio Der Rote Bereich.


Getting Under the Surface: how jazz has gone Dutch
The Herald Scotland, 14-2-2018

Within a short time, their mixture of jazz with elements from unspecified folk traditions had found particular favour with world music festivals, resulting in appearances in Mali, Mexico, China, Norway, and India, and since releasing their first album, Under the Surface, last year they have also appeared at major jazz events including Jazz International in Rotterdam and the Sound Of Europe in Breda.
Jazz Wise Magazine, 13-2-2018

I knew immediately we began to play together that we had something special,” says Lijbaart. “The combination of Sanne’s almost shamanistic singing and the sense of space that Bram creates was very inspiring and the elements of a kind of mysterious folk tradition that Sanne brings to the music seems to give what we’re doing a universal language.
Jazz in Europe, 09-2-2018

“[...]Performed by the classically trained pianist Saskia Lankhoorn. And then followed smoothly by the Wolfert Brederode Trio, with stilled music, often provided with improvised perspectives, which was sublimely fitting.”  
JazzNu, 06-2-2018

That the resulting music, so beautiful and affecting, feels finely sculpted, is down to the chemistry between these fine musicians.
All About Jazz, 29-11-2017

During the concerts arises so much that new doors are constantly being opened
Jazzism, 15-9-2017

Lijbaart is looking for space in the music
Klassieke zaken, 26-6-2017

The result sounds mostly thoughtful and settled, but is certainly tasteful and intriguing.
Jazz bulletin, 16-6-2017

The excellent recording quality makes the "reading" of this music an intellectual and emotional pleasure
HiFi Stars, 01-6-2017

The trio has delivered a perfectly successful album with this album. I will not be the last one, at least that we hope!
Draai om je oren, 30-5-2017

Singer Sanne Rambags wins the Conservatory Talent Award in Den Bosch
Algmeen Dagblad, 20-5-2017

The on Challenge Records released album is daring and houses audiophile sounds., 08-5-2017

Powerful music without compromise
Nederlands Dagblad, 05-5-2017

Joost Lijbaart is well not the default drummer as a wing bet or a piece of bossa nova of the Assembly line.
Music Emotion, 05-5-2017

Finally a real experiment again ...
Jazzism, 05-5-2017

You have to dare with a whispering conversation between three people in a studio.
jazzism, 01-5-2017

They have the courage to empty there minds and create something original by improvising together.
JazzFlits, 01-5-2017

Sparkling music where sound and silence are each equivalent and makes you feel small.
Music Frames, 16-4-2017

A world full of sounds - and creating so much space. The space behind the music, in this case. That's where Under The Surface is mostly about.
Slagwerkkrant, 15-4-2017

Self-assured ease with Sanne Rambags
Brabants Dagblad, 27-3-2017

Melodies are rocking back and forth, expanding like they arise on the spot.
Gonzo, 26-3-2017

With so few resources, the trio manages to create a beautiful new universe.
De Volkskrant, 24-3-2017

"Under The Surface", an extraordinary and thrilling collaboration between drummer Joost Lijbaart guitarist Bram Stadhouders and debuting vocalist Sanne Rambags.
Jazzenzo, 22-3-2017

Listening to the album is an intense experience, attending the concert is magical.
Het Parool, 18-3-2017

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