Nat King Cole Trio

Swiss Radio Days Jazz Series Vol. 43 - Zurich 1950

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Release date: 07 April 2017
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€ 9.95
TCB The Montreux Jazz Label
Catalogue number
TCB 02432
Release date
07 April 2017

"As Cole is a summary of the styles, this historical document is a summary of Cole. A must have for all swing fans."

Jazzenzo, 20-10-2017

About the album

Straighten up and fly right… to Zurich 1950! To discover an unreleased concert is a priceless gift. All the more so, as the recording of this 1950 performance given at the Kongresshaus in Zurich recreates faithfully what was played that evening, in a quality worthy of praise for the sound engineer. In 1950 Nat King Cole presented a brilliant trio, using the formula tried and approved by him consisting of guitar, piano and double bass. It is the impeccable Irving Ashby and Joe Comfort who share the stage with him, along with a recent discovery, percussionist Jack Costanzo, aka Mr. Bongo. The three musicians plus one are thick as thieves on the Zurich stage, alternating between standards and the trio’s hits with a verve and a good humor which are pure pleasure to listen to. Nat isn’t too concerned about delivering perfection, and lets himself go here and there with little “slips” and nicely risky flights, ideas owing in uninterrupted improvisation, giving these int

Straighten Up and Fly Right... to Zurich 1950!

Eine bisher unveröffentlichte Aufnahme eines Konzertes zu entdecken ist ein unbezahlbares Geschenk. Was diese Aufnahme so besonders macht ist, dass sie das Konzert, das 1950 im Kongresshaus in Zürich gegeben wurde, eins zu eins wiedergibt, und ihre Qualität verlangt nach großem Lob für den Toningenieur.

1950 präsentiert Nat King Cole ein brillantes Trio in von ihm erprobter Besetzung von Gitarre, Klavier und Kontrabass. Es sind die makellosen Musiker Irving Ashby und Joe Comfort, die sich hier die Bühne mit ihm teilen, zusammen mit einer neueren Entdeckung, Jack Costanzo, aka Mr. Bongo.

Die Musiker halten auf der Zürcher Bühne wie Pech und Schwefel zusammen und alternieren Standards und die Hits des Trios mit einem Schwung und einer Fröhlichkeit, die das Zuhören zu einer wahren Freude machen. Nat geht es weniger um Perfektion und lässt sich hier und da mit kleinen ‚Slips’ und riskanten Ideen aus ununterbrochener Improvisation gehen, was diesen Interpretationen eine einzigartige Frische verleiht.

Die Arrangements, randvoll mit rhythmisch makellosen Leckerbissen, sind eine konstante Ohrenfreude für die Hörer von heute!


Nathaniel Adams Coles (March 17, 1919 – February 15, 1965), known professionally as Nat King Cole, was an American singer who first came to prominence as a leading jazz pianist. He was widely noted for his soft baritone voice, performing in big band and jazz genres, and was a major force in popular music for three decades. Cole was one of the first African Americans to host a national television variety show, The Nat King Cole Show. His recordings remained popular worldwide after his death from lung cancer in February 1965.
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As Cole is a summary of the styles, this historical document is a summary of Cole. A must have for all swing fans.
Jazzenzo, 20-10-2017

This quartet is swinging!
Dr Jazz, 08-9-2017

Cole in full glory as jazz pianist (****1/2)
Jazzism, 19-6-2017

"Phenomenal success with the velvet voice of sugar", to use Duke Elligton's expression.
FranceMusique, 14-6-2017

Beautiful, not manipulated live recording with 15 pieces of a more than cheerful and impeccable trio! That makes you happy!
Le Soir, 31-5-2017

Cole, the band and the audience were in good spirits and the sound quality captured by Radio SRF at Zurich’s Kongresshaus is generally excellent. This is an important addition to the Nat Cole discography.
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