Camerata Trajectina

Een Nieuwe Liedt Wy Heven Aen

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Release date: 06 October 2017
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€ 19.95
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GLO 5270
Release date
06 October 2017

"For 43 years, Camerata Trajectina has been working for old music from the Netherlands. With such a mission and long service record, the ensemble was of course not allowed to let the 500th Reformation Day go unnoticed. That is why there is now a brand-new sound carrier and tour: A new Liedt wy heven aen."

Luister, 01-12-2017

About the album

The title of this album comes from the first song Luther wrote. In this recording Camerata Trajectina highlights Lutheran melodies in the Low Countries in the 16th century. In this way the ensemble commemorates the 500th anniversary in 2017 (on October 31) of the day when Luther publicly posted his 95 Theses in Wittenberg, which sparked the Protestant Reformation.
Camerata Trajectina brengt de muziek rondom Luther weer tot leven
De titel van dit album is afkomstig van het eerste lied dat Luther schreef. In een afwisseling van intieme zettingen en levendige arrangementen belicht Camerata Trajectina hier Lutherse melodieën, zoals zij denken dat die in de 16e eeuw in de Nederlanden geklonken kan hebben. Op deze manier herdenkt het ensemble dat het in 2017 (op 31 oktober) 500 jaar geleden was dat Luther zijn 95 stellingen publiek maakte en zo de Reformatie inluidde.

Al meer dan 40 jaar weet Camerata Trajectina onontgonnen repertoire op te delven. Nederlandse muziek. Eigenheid. Tel daarbij een levendige, ontspannen presentatie en een gedegen, zelfs wetenschappelijke voorbereiding: dat is Camerata Trajectina. Muzikaliteit, inventiviteit en humor strijden om de voorrang. Speels omgaan met Nederlands muzikale erfgoed is het devies. Met een focus op de Middeleeuwen en de Gouden Eeuw.

Der Titel dieses Albums entstammt dem ersten Lied, das Luther schrieb. In dieser Aufnahme beleuchten Camerata Taiectina Lutherische Melodien in den Niederlanden des 16. Jahrhunderts. Auf diese Weise gedenkt das Ensemble dem 500. Jubiläums jenes Tages, an dem Luther seine 95 Thesen öffentlich aushängte, was die protestantische Reformation zur Folge hatte.


The ensemble Camerata Trajectina (‘Utrecht Musical Company’), established in 1974, has made its name through its continuing advocacy of Dutch music from the Middle Ages up through the 17th century. The heart of the ensemble consists of Hieke Meppelink (soprano), Nico van der Meel (tenor), Saskia Coolen (recorder), Erik Beijer (viola da gamba) and Louis Peter Grijp (lute and cittern). Sytse Buwalda (alto) and Marcel Moester (bass-baritone) complete the vocal quartet. They are supported by additional musicians when needed, such as on this CD the viola da gamba players Nick Milne en Cassandra Luckhardt.

Artistic leader Louis Peter Grijp has been researching Dutch music for 25 years at the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam, where he set up the enormous Dutch Song Database. In addition he is Professor of Dutch Song Culture at the University of Utrecht. His programs are usually built around literary or political and religious themes and figures from Dutch history. Camerata Trajectina has participated in many national commemorations, from the Union of Utrecht (1979) to John Calvin (2009), and also on the commemoration of the Frisian poet Gyxbert Japix (2003). Another of Camerata’s themes is the connection between music and art, including Jan Steen (1996, Amsterdam Rijksmuseum), Frans Hals (2004, Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem) and Hieronymus Bosch (De Zeven Zonden van Jeroen Bosch or The Seven Sins of Hieronymus Bosch, 2009), with the poet Gerrit Komrij. Camerata Trajectina devotes special attention to Dutch musical theater from the Golden Age, such as the first Dutch opera Bacchus, Ceres & Venus by Johan Schenck (performed at the Utrecht Early Music Festival in 2006), Starter’s sung farce Lijsje Flepkous (2007) and Hacquart’s semi-opera De Triomferende Min (‘The Triumphs of Love’) (2012).

Camerata Trajectina has given hundreds of concerts in the Netherlands (including many in the Utrecht Early Music Festival) and Flanders, in most of the other countries of Europe, in the United States and Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, Indonesia, Ghana, and Morocco. The history of the ensemble has been recorded in the jubilee book Van Peeckelharing tot Pierlala. 40 jaar oude/nieuwe liedekens door Camerata Trajectina by Jolande van der Klis (2014). Meanwhile Camerata has produced over 30 CDs, almost all on the Globe label. These can be ordered via www.cameratatrajectina. nl. Most of these can be listened to via the streaming service of the Dutch Song Database (www.


For 43 years, Camerata Trajectina has been working for old music from the Netherlands. With such a mission and long service record, the ensemble was of course not allowed to let the 500th Reformation Day go unnoticed. That is why there is now a brand-new sound carrier and tour: A new Liedt wy heven aen.
Luister, 01-12-2017

Compliments to all singers, who are literally understandable
Luister, 03-11-2017

The album gives a beautiful image of time with narrative (protest) songs and Lutheran psalms.
Mania, 03-11-2017

Exceptionally enriching and very original. Highly recommended.
Stretto, 28-10-2017

It has become a unique CD containing the music from the first century of reformation in the Netherlands.
Kerk & Leven, 27-10-2017

Completely according to the sophisticated pattern that we know from Camerata Trajectina: the recordings always tell a story and are much more than just a large number of separate short pieces.
Tom Magazine, 01-4-2017

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