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Hans Kennel


Physical (CD)

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About the album

With this album Hans Kennel returns to his first loves: trumpet and jazz. He founded his new, jazzy chamber music quartet WOOD&BRASS, which features three generations of adventurous musicians.
Kennel stands for long experience, New Zealand born Phil for the solid grounded middle, Silvan and Cégiu represent the upcoming new generation of musicians deserving wider attention and recognition.
Featuring the most unusual instrumentation of two trumpets, a trombone, all doubling on alphorn, and a cello, the ensemble produces a new sound enriched by accents set by the unique voice of the cellist. The music partly comes in untempered (natural intonation).

With fresh sounds, sourced in jazz with a tinge of 'alpine echo' of Kennel’s earlier folk music projects, this music brings the listener into a world of contrasts: silence and contemplation, disruption and storm, tradition and improvisation.
These elements evoke emotions in a mystic atmosphere creating illusions and dreams.

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