Bunny Berigan & His Boys

Feb 1936 - Feb 1937

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€ 12.50
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RTR 79083
Release date
03 November 2017

"Trumpet player Bunny Berigan (1908-1942) is without a doubt one of the best white jazz trumpet players with his own style, but with Louis Armstrong as a great example."

Doctor Jazz Magazine, 01-10-2018

About the album

Bunny Berigan & His Boys, Feb 1936 - Feb 1937 is another great release by Retrieval Records, a division of Challenge Records. Retrieval is one of the finest examples of a record label offering some historical rereleases.

It was Louis Armstrong who said, “Bunny was great, but had no business dying that young.” Bunny was born Rowland Bernard Berigan, in Calumet, Wisconsin, on 1 November 1908, and died in New York on 2 June 1942 at the age of 33. In his short carreer, he blazed across the musical sky like a comet, reaching heights that no other white trumpeter of those times had been able to reach, before sputtering out into sad and sorry alcoholism.

Bunny Berigan & His Boys, Feb 1936 - Feb 1937 ist eine weitere großartige Veröffentlichung von Retrieval Records, eine Sparte von Challenge Records. Retrieval ist eines der besten Beispiele für ein Label, das auch historische Wiederveröffentlichungen bietet.

Es war Louis Armstrong, der sagte, „Bunny war großartig, aber er hatte kein Recht, so früh zu sterben.“ Bunny wurde am 1. November 1908 als Rowland Bernard Berigan in Calumet, Wisconsin, geboren und starb am 2. Juni 1942 im Alter von nur 33 Jahren in New York. In seiner kurzen Karriere loderte er am musikalischen Himmel wie ein Komet und erreichte Höhen, die vor ihm kein weißer Trompeter erreicht hatte, bevor er seiner Alkoholsucht erlag.


Roland Bernard "Bunny" Berigan (November 2, 1908 – June 2, 1942) was an American jazz trumpeter and bandleader who rose to fame during the swing era, but whose career and influence were shortened by a losing battle with alcoholism that ended with his early death at age 33 from cirrhosis. Although he composed some jazz instrumentals such as "Chicken and Waffles" and "Blues", Berigan was best known for his virtuoso jazz trumpeting. His 1937 classic recording "I Can't Get Started" was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1975.
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Trumpet player Bunny Berigan (1908-1942) is without a doubt one of the best white jazz trumpet players with his own style, but with Louis Armstrong as a great example.
Doctor Jazz Magazine, 01-10-2018

The crossroads of jazz and light music, at the very beginning of the swing era.
JazzFlits, 18-12-2017

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