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JOC Records
Catalogue number
JOC 009
Release date
05 October 2018

"A special and strong double album."

De Nieuwe Muze, 10-12-2018

About the album

Crossroads – a new international perspective on Dutch Jazz. Stretching the boundaries of contemporary big band music. The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw is extending its limits, in more ways than one. The band developed its identity in the late 1990s with the bi-weekly concerts at the Amsterdam Bimhuis. Since then it has literally conquered the world, not only touring all over Europe but also playing in Latin America, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan and China. Musically, too, the band is evolving all the time. The starting point was the classic 1950s idiom, but from the beginning, the orchestra was challenged by guest soloists and composers from a wide range in jazz styles.

With the album Crossroads the Jazz Orchestra takes another step forward. Conducted by Dennis Mackrel and Rob Horsting (who has been arranging for the group since the beginning), the orchestra presents nine compositions by various band members, Martijn van Iterson, Joris Roelofs, Ilja Reijngoud, Simon Rigter and Jorg Kaaij, and Rob Horsting. The arrangements were written by Dennis Mackrel, Rob Horsting, Henk Meutgeert, and three international guest arrangers: Michael Abene and Ed Partyka (U.S.A.), and Vellu Halkosalmi (Finland).

"Along with their future-oriented American colleagues of the Maria Schneider and Darcy James Argue orchestras, with this CD the JOC marks a new century in the development of the jazz big band."
BERT VUIJSJE, Jazz journalist

Live tour:
16 november Bimhuis (premiere)
18 november Harmonie Leeuwarden (Hot House Redbad)
21 november 2018 – Muziekcentrum Enschede (matinee concert) o.l.v. Rob Horsting
29 december: Paradox Tilburg (Stranger than Paranoia)
30 december: LantarenVenster Rotterdam

Het concept en idee van artistiek leider Juan Martinez werd verder uitgewerkt met chef-dirigent Dennis Mackrel (o.a. Count Basie Jazzorchestra, Dizzy Gillespie All Stars, Maria Schneider) en arrangeur en co-dirigent Rob Horsting, waarna de internationale arrangeurs met de composities aan de slag gingen. Waar de composities vanuit een sterk persoonlijk perspectief in gaan op nieuwe ontwikkelingen in jazz en andere verwante hedendaagse muziekstromingen, hebben de arrangeurs de grenzen van het idioom van het JOC flink opgerekt met hun keuze voor bepaalde instrumentatie, harmonieën en ruimte voor improvisatie. De eerste try-outs van Crossroads vonden plaats, geheel in de gedachte van Crossroads, in een serie concerten in de JZ-Club in Shanghai, dé jazz hot-spot van China.
Crossroads - eine neue internationale Sichtweise des niederländischen Jazz. Die Grenzen der zeitgenössischen Big-Band-Musik werden ausgebaut. Das Jazzorchester des Concertgebouw erweitert seine Grenzen in mehrfacher Hinsicht. Die Band entwickelte ihre Identität in den späten 1990er Jahren mit den zweiwöchentlichen Konzerten im Amsterdam Bimhuis. Seitdem hat sie die Welt erobert, nicht nur in Europa, sondern auch in Lateinamerika, Südafrika, Indonesien, Japan und China. Auch musikalisch entwickelt sich die Band ständig weiter. Ausgangspunkt war das klassische Idiom der 50er Jahre, doch von Anfang an wurde das Orchester von Gastsolisten und Komponisten unterschiedlichster Stilrichtungen angeregt.
Mit dem Album Crossroads macht das Jazz Orchestra Concertgebouw einen weiteren Schritt nach vorne. Unter der Leitung von Dennis Mackrel und Rob Horsting (der die Gruppe von Anfang an begleitet hat) präsentiert das Orchester neun Kompositionen von verschiedenen Bandmitgliedern, Martijn van Iterson, Joris Roelofs, Ilja Reijngoud, Simon Rigter und Jorg Kaaij sowie Rob Horsting. Die Arrangements wurden von Dennis Mackrel, Rob Horsting, Henk Meutgeert und drei internationalen Gastarrangeuren geschrieben: Michael Abene und Ed Partyka (USA) und Vellu Halkosalmi (Finnland).
Diese CD ist ein Durchbruch. Zusammen mit ihren zukunftsorientierten amerikanischen Kollegen der Orchester Maria Schneider und Darcy James Argue markiert das Jazz Orchestra mit dieser CD ein neues Jahrhundert in der Entwicklung der Jazz-Bigband.


The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw (JOC) – the Netherlands’ best big band with the most swing, according to many – was founded in 1996 by Henk Meutgeert and others as the New Concert Big Band. Since 1999, on the initiative of then-Concertgebouw managing director Martijn Sanders, it was proudly given the name of Het Koninklijk Concertgebouw ['The Royal Concert Hall'].

The JOC performs worldwide with jazz greats such as the likes of Benny Golson and Oleta Adams and talented young blood, with José James and Christian Scott among the pool. The JOC connects with its audiences, whether in large or smaller settings and makes jazz, in the broadest sense of the word, accessible to audiences of all ages and expectations. Through its shows abroad, the JOC manages to bring Dutch jazz far afield and to the stages of famous concert halls. Approximately 35,000 visitors are drawn to the JOC's concerts each year.

Principal conductor Dennis Mackrel
As of November 2015, the JOC is led by principal conductor Dennis Mackrel (1962). Mackrel started his professional career at the age of ten and at twenty became the Count Basie band’s youngest ever drummer. Mackrel played with orchestras such as The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, The Carla Bley Very Large Band and the Dizzy Gillespie All Star Big Band. He grew from sideman to band leader in his many partnerships with European orchestras such as the UMO big band from Helsinki (Finland) and the WDR big band from Cologne (Germany). In 2010 he returned to the Count Basie Orchestra as bandleader, where he remained until 2013.
The partnership with the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw dates back to 2004, when he made several appearances as a drummer. Starting in 2014, Mackrel conducted the orchestra on numerous occasions, including in the historical main hall of the Concertgebouw.

Talent development
As pioneers in the Dutch jazz scene, the JOC has initiated two projects for top talent in (jazz) music: Rhythm Changes and the Arrangers project. Over the course of these projects, young talent got given the opportunity to experience large(r) stages in a professional environment. These projects bring new life and new music to the big band genre and build bridges between the generations on stage as well as reach out to audiences.


A special and strong double album.
De Nieuwe Muze, 10-12-2018

It is a revolving double album that in the first place sparkles smoothly and glowing and in the second part intrigues with more abstract challenges.  
NRC Handelsblad, 28-11-2018

We want to push that big-band music into the 21st century and try new things. I remain convinced of the fascinating sound possibilities of the big band.
Leeuwarder Courant, 16-11-2018

**** - The interplay of horn sections is excellent. From the first song 'Shortcut' it swings, the guitar by Martijn van Iterson prevents any gagging and in the final piece is nicely fiercely duelled by trumpet player Ruud Breuls and tenor saxophonist Simon Rigter.
De Volkskrant, 15-11-2018

Fantastic, Concertgebouw worthy.
Mania, 09-10-2018

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Para Poli by Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw
Shortcut from the album Crossroads by the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw

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