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María de Buenos Aires

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Release date: 05 October 2018
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€ 17.95
Catalogue number
AR 009
Release date
05 October 2018

About the album

Follow Z V E Z D O L I K I ensemble into the abdomen of Buenos Aires, and meet ill-omened María, born with a curse in her voice on a day when God was drunk. Seduced by tango, she is murdered, but her soul continues to roam the streets of Buenos Aires. Anti-clerical, blasphemous, potentially provocative and certainly scandalous, María de Buenos Aires (1968) is a forgotten “tangoperita” by Ástor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer which translates the themes of seduction and fatality in traditional and nuevo tango, culminating in a hymn to (supernatural) deviance, lust, but also religiosity.

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Volg het Z V E Z D O L I K I ensemble naar de diepten van Buenos Aires en maak kennis met de onheilspellende Maria, geboren met een vloek in haar stem, op een dag dat God dronken was. Verleid door de tango, wordt ze vermoord, maar haar ziel blijft rondzwerven door de straten van Buenos Aires. Anti-kerkelijk, godslasterlijk, mogelijk provocatief en zeker schandalig: María de Buenos Aires (1968) is een vergeten "tangoperita" van Ástor Piazzolla en Horacio Ferrer die de thema's van verleiding en dood in de traditionele en nuevo tango vertolkt en zijn hoogtepunt bereikt in een hymne aan (bovennatuurlijke) afwijking, lust, maar ook religiositeit.
Folge dem Z V E Z D O L I K I Ensemble in die Tiefen von Buenos Aires und triff die unglückliche Maria - geboren mit einem Fluch in der Stimme - an einem Tag, an dem Gott betrunken war. Vom Tango verführt, wird sie ermordet, aber ihre Seele zieht weiter durch die Straßen von Buenos Aires. Antiklerikal, blasphemisch, potentiell provokant und sicherlich skandalös, ist María de Buenos Aires (1968) eine vergessene "Tangoperita" von Ástor Piazzolla und Horacio Ferrer, welche die Themen Verführung und Tod in den traditionellen und Nuevo-Tango übersetzt und in einer Hymne an (übernatürliche) Andersartigkeit, Lust, aber auch Religiosität gipfelt.


Z V E Z D O L I K I , a chamber music ensemble initially based in the norwegian church in antwerp, was founded by flautist oriana dierinck in 2009. in its programs, the ensemble combines well and less known, old and new composers and/or compositions. combined with the concerts in the norwegian church, Z V E Z D O L I K I also plays in cultural centres, on chamber music podia and classical music festivals.

Z V E Z D O L I K I is named after stravinsky's cantata (1912) for orchestra and male chorus on a text by russian symbolist poet konstantin balmont and that was dedicated to debussy. it was premiered in brussels in 1939 in the ' Institut Nationale de Radio-diffusion Belge ' conducted by franz andré.

the ensemble has been broadcast and interviewed on flemish classical radio KLARA and dutch RADIO 4. norwegian composer hugo harmens (2010) and belgian composers wim henderickx (2012), jeroen malaise (2015) and wilfried westerlinck (2016) dedicated new compositions to zvezdoliki.

in 2013, Z V E Z D O L I K I organised 'noot voor nood', a major charity project for the homeless in antwerp, which had a very successful second edition in 2016, with a performance of piazzolla's tango-operita 'marìa de buenos aires' in the magnificent bourlaschouwburg., with support of antwerp district.



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